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    Hi, Maddie let me know what happened to my post which explained why i chose to go. I did leave an explanation but ive been told it was erased along with all my posts, crikey they dont mess about. I had two warnings in close proximity, the last on a fairly old post. Just found it one straw to many Leah, ive never been malicious my intentions always to help and cheer people up on this board.

    Im just guessing that theres some confusion as to whats "appropriate" ive been on these boards since 2007, never had a problem, so i dont know. The british boards are alot more freedom in expression, not offensive, i mean with regards to humour and passion of language with regards to feelings. I hope its just that and not personal cant say it didnt hurt when Maddie told me everything was wiped, especially when both myself and especially others spoke i thought very honestly and openly about topics that may have helped others.

    Anyway, Maddie said you were upset and i dont want that, i tried to avoid that.

    So im on the british boards now, we all have a similar sense of humour and understand the contex which makes things easier for me, got to much on my plate to keep thinking to much about my expression for fear of making a mistake. Maddie told me my account still open we met up shes staying at mine. Helping me out while eyesight up the creek.

    I liked you though Leah i think we have a similar sense of humour, that humour that can only come from having known pain ;-)

    So take care of yourself you are a lovely person. I'll probably come back at some point i mean ive racked up some years on here.

    Katherine x