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    Maddie told me whats happened to my explanatory post. We met up and shes staying at mine at moment, logged on my laptop and my name still on here.

    She told me everything has been wiped, crikey they dont mess about, cant help feeling a little hurt and sad about that, especially all the effort people went to to share openly with me thought those topics would have helped others.

    Anyway, Maddie said you were upset because without my post it was like you were left in the dark. Although she said Diane had seen it. Bit hard to talk about something you cant talk about ;-)

    I got two warnings for inappropriate language. Granted i admit the first we are allowed to use stars in some of our language on our sites, however that was not done maliciously everything i write is to help or to be supportive usually with humour and metaphors typically british. Never had a problem on here before been coming since 2007. However, the 2nd was regarding an old post and it was the straw that broke the camels back. No swearing just written in a typically british humourous way. The rules are alot stricter on this board compared to ours. When your swapping between boards you can forget. Although i dont think it use to be as strict. Ive seen others make the same mistakes here.

    Just got so much on my plate i cant keep watching how i express myself. Im a very straight talking person would of rathered had a chat to the moderator to iron things out. But you just get a message in your inbox telling you off. :-X ;-)

    Anyhow, none of that matters, just worried about you, i felt you and i were similar in our humour, a humour that can only come from having known pain ;-)

    I'll probably come back at some point been here a few years. But i just need to reduce my stress, my eyes are still up the creek, so Maddie came down. Shes a nice lady.
    As are you, until next time

    Take care of you Leah

    Katherine x
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    Thank you for your post i know it was for someone else but the information enclosed helped.

    I hope you feel better soon