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    Hi Leah, Maddie told me my log in was still on here, she has come down to mine to help me out. She told me everything had been wiped including my explanation. Cant say that didnt hurt people put alot of effort into answering my posts which could hsve helped others.

    Nevermind, i got two warning one was regarding on of the sentences in my posts on chat boards where i used a star for a letter ehile discusding a humourous topic. Fair enough on that one, we'd allowed to do that on our british boards, knowing that might be helpful to others. But the 2nd was regarding an old pist id forgotten about, no swearing but the contex was critised, again something we do on the british boards all the time, sarcasm and metaphors in a humourous affect. But granted its not the same here. Thing is ive been ciming here since 2007 never had a problem before.

    Guess im a pretty straight talking person, what can i do with a telling off in my inbox , theres no right to reply, although i tried. If this isnt made cleare brits wont stay.

    So i hope that helps Leah, i just couldnt take anymore of this what i call fairly petty stuff when i have quite heavy issues going on so in them circumstances i have to prioritise.

    However, i do like you Leah, i felt we had a similar sense of humour its nice to find someone you bounce off. Think we share a humour that can only come from simeone whos known pain ;-)

    I'll probably be back at some point when ive sorted things out and can think cleare

    take care of you

    katherine x
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    I wrote a few things, to answer, but am confused, right now, what to say, here.

    But DO take very good care of YOURself too.
    I am concerned you get a accurate dx on your vision and dizzyness problems.

    Always important to prioritize stresses, too.

    That long thread on the cfs/fibro board,
    about having children and spouses, while having this illness,
    it did have precious, touching, personal and relevant stories, by many posters, which I thought it did help others to share and to hear.
    I don't know what someone said, to have that ALL removed. Nothing I saw, but a reason, unknown.

    Do Take care,

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