Leaking mercury filling getting them removed.

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    Hi all , started having my mercury fillling removed this week , three anyway and have 6 more to go. I started with new dentist who says they need to come out due to the murcury is leeching out and around each filling is starting to have small amounts of decay.Thats weird because 6-7 months ago I had been to my regular dentist and had a tooth worked on a root canal and I asked him if that was all that needed done and that all my other teeth were in good condition He said "they were all fine no further work needed"I dont think he had the desire to get into all that work or the equipment needed.He likes to patch a tooth with temparay filling material to "see if that will do it" and thats why I believe I had to get a root canal on one and a crown on another because he chose the temperory stuff and they got abcessed. The ones the new dentist is working on had been put in in the early 70's. Going to the dentist always has my anxiety sky high even after taking my xanax , and morphine still very anxious about the whole deal! Take care all and God Bless
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    Make sure you are using a mercury free dentist who uses the right precautions when removing amalgam fillings-

    You can look on Hal Huggin's website for recommendations-

    Also -ideally should be tested for filling compatability using clifford labs-

    I did go through all this though in 2008 and it did not help me /slow the progression of my neurological/lyme or whatever disease. But glad I got them out to eliminate all variables and do everything thing I could. In hindsight wish I'd got tested for heavy metals and used some gentle chelation method to get heavy metals out while I was still relatively strong-too weak/sick now to even think about it now.

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