Leaky Brain Syndrome -- Ammonia Buildup

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    Hi All,

    I just ran into an article that may be of interest to some on this board. In it Dr. David Jernigan mentions how a buildup of ammonia in the body can cause many of the symptoms we with CFIDS experience. This buildup can be caused by Lyme infections, but also by other means.

    I believe Dr. Jernigan is a chiropractor, and uses various types of alternative testing and treatment modalities in his practice. I know many here would have no interest in this type of approach, so you may not want to explore what he has to say. Wanted you to know right up front so you don't waste your time if this is not your orientation.

    I am just now getting started on trying to figure out how to start treating myself since testing positive for Lyme last fall. I'm hoping some method other than antibiotics will end up working for me.

    Best, Wayne

    Lyme Leaky Brain Syndrome

    Although many people have heard of Leaky Bowel Syndrome (LBS), few have heard of (Lyme) Leaky Brain Syndrome (LLBS). I coined this term when I became aware of the damaging effects on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) from the accumulation of Lyme-induced ammonia in the brain. Ammonia in the brain is a primary cause of neurological and psychological hypersensitivity. Ammonia alters the permeability of the BBB, enabling larger molecules, such as common amino acids, to cross.

    When these random molecules touch the brain tissues, they set up hypersensitivities, otherwise known as cerebral allergies. The symptoms of these cerebral allergies are unique and depend on what part of the brain is being affected. Ammonia-induced Leaky Brain Syndrome is one of the primary causes of multiple chemical sensitivities, cognitive dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a myriad of other chronic conditions.

    There are only a few ways ammonia can become a problem in the brain. Severe liver disease is a well-recognized producer of global or systemic ammonia. No one knew, until I discovered quite unexpectedly, that Lyme spirochetes could cause ammonia to accumulate in localized areas of the brain.

    The full article can be accessed at:

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    Thanks for your message. I believe chiropractors know so much more than regular doctors about our ailments-instead of treating symptoms they go to the source!
    I use ammonia a lot in my house work-in my laundry, in a spray bottle (mixed with water) for when I clean the tub or kitchen counters. Am I ingesting this and causing my fibro???? Do I wear a mask? I started wondering about this very thing a while ago and your article may just be what I needed to hear.
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    Interesting Wayne. Makes sense, ammonia build up would cause alot of toxicity etc.

    Have you any ideas yet on what you'll do to address this?
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    That's interesting, Wayne. Thanks for sharing.

    What a name! It really conjures up images.

    Have you thought about using colloidal silver for your Lyme? I've been taking it for a few weeks now and it's definitely killing something. I'm not sure what exactly it's killing, but I do seem to have a "twist of Lyme" in my disease cocktail.


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    Yes, 'm also interested in how this is treated
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks all for your replies.

    Ironspine, I would doubt that using ammonia infrequently for cleaning would be enough exposure to cause FM. If we have ammonia in our systems already, I can see where it could certainly be an aggravating factor.

    Wolverine, RE: "Have you any ideas yet on what you'll do to address this?"

    David Jernigan mentions in his article that he has formulated some "Lyme-ammonia detoxification products" called NeuroAntitox II formulas. He makes it himself, and claims to have used it successfully on a large number of Lyme patients he has worked with. I'll be looking closely at these products and anticipate I'll probably give them a try.

    I read in another Lyme article in this Townsend Newsletter devoted to Lyme that the homeopathic remedy Ledum 30C is also helpful for both animals and humans with Lyme disease. I've already been taking it for three days and have noticed that my nervous system seems to have calmed down some and am sleeping a bit better.

    Forbearance, I have some colloidal silver that I've been waiting to get started on. I look at the bottle every day wondering when the time might feel right. :) I'm slowly trying to get my wits together after an extended trip, and am slowly starting to try various remedies that might be helpful. I'm back on very low doses of MMS and am again encouraged by my initial reactions. But I suspect I'll have to come up with several complementary strategies, with colloidal silver being one. Approaching this from many different angles will likely give me a higher probability of success.

    I was given an interesting tip by a man who works in the supplement section of our local CO-OP who has a history of Lyme. He said that a product called Artemisinin, which is an extract of an herb called Artemisia, worked wonders for him in helping his brain fog. He got significant results within 15 minutes of trying it. The price tag was a bit much for me at the time, and decided to go with the much less expensive Ledum 30C to start out with.

    Lisaloo, while visiting with this man at the CO-OP, he did a little research on ways it might be possible to get ammonia out of the body. He found a brief paragraph describing ways that perhaps only Richvank would understand, how the amino acid l-glutamine might have this capability. I seem to remember reading in the article that there is a connection between ammonia and glutamine, but I would have to go back to get a better understanding.

    I had my partner test me tonight for ammonia in my body using the energetic technique described below. I tested very weak in my brain and liver, and fairly weak in my heart and stomach. I'm quite sensitive energetically to things, and I actually started to get dizzy before my partner even did the muscle testing. So it appears I probably have a pretty good case of ammonia buildup. It could explain why I temporarily feel so much better when I do various types of simple detoxification protocols. (clay foot baths; oil pulling; etc.)

    Best to All, Wayne


    Rapid Testing for Ammonia

    Direct Resonance Testing (DRT) for ammonia is a simple test that a lay person, or health care practitioner can perform in one minute, for less than 20 cents. It is recommended that anyone with any chronic condition be tested in this way.

    To perform a DRT, you will need a vial or small bottle of pure ammonia. A muscle strength challenge should be performed to identify a strong muscle, preferably using the deltoid muscle with the patient's thumb pointing towards the feet. The muscle should "lock" and be strong immediately when challenged, without being spongy. Once a good strong muscle has been identified, hold the vial of ammonia over various areas of the brain, heart, liver, and teeth, testing to see if the previously strong muscle goes weak when the ammonia is held over any of these areas (Andreev et al. 1994).

    Due to the temporary neuromuscular interference caused by the harmonic resonance of ammonia in the vial with the ammonia present in the tissues, the strong muscle will go weak (Adolf 1979, Frohlich 1978). The most effective treatment can be identified by adding the corrective substance, such as one of the NeuroAntitox Formulas[TM]. To determine the best corrective substance, hold the vial of ammonia and the remedy over the same spot where the strong muscle went weak. If you have found the proper corrective substance, the formerly weak muscle test now will go strong. You will likely find that general liver and intestinal detoxification supplements will do nothing to clear out ammonia.[This Message was Edited on 05/14/2009]
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    Could be a coincidence, but, I bought some l-glutamine and every time I take it my neuro symptoms seems to really flare. I have thought 3 different times it is my imagination and tried it again, and sure enough I get the flare. I kept wondering what could possibly be happening and it didnt make any sense. May fit in with it detoxing ammonia??? Just speculation but interesting no less.

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    Great article, thank you for sharing.
    I'm curious if constant or regular exposure to household, industrial,farm or other ammonias can cause this as well. Or even regular exposure to ammoniated urine etc....
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    but there can be any number of reasons for why a given individual would have excess ammonia in the blood. Even excess dietary protein can elevate ammonia levels.

    A number of small genetic defects lead to excess ammonia. Some of these are treated with the addition of MCT oil (med. chain trigylceride) and carnitine.

    Best wishes.
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    Hi All,

    Hi Michelle, there's a paragraph in the above article that mentions a role glutamine may play in this ammonia buildup scenario. I don't quite understand it, but it sounds like it could be an answer to the flareup you experience when taking l-glutamine. I'll paste it below.

    """"" It would seem that Bb releases ammonia, which is converted to glutamine by way of the glutamine synthetase pathways, leading to localized swelling of astrocytes (brain cells). This ammonia-induced glutamine accumulation may cause dysfunction of astrocytes, which leads to impairment of vascular reactivity (other than through a decrease in arginine availability for nitrous oxide) and increased production of nitric oxide (Toshiki 2000). It has been reported that many neurological problems are caused by either congenital or acquired hyper-ammonemia (Albrecht 1998). """""

    Perhaps you can translate this paragraph for us into plain English. :)

    Hi Scarlet, hard saying whether exposure to ammonia products could create the same kind of symptoms that Lyme-induced ammonia does. I think it would be fair to say that since ammonia is a neurotoxin, the less we're exposed to, the better. I can also see where external exposures could be especially problematic for people with Lyme.

    Hi SnooZQ, thanks for your suggestion on the carnitine. I may just give it a try to see if it helps some of my neurological symptoms. I think you're correct on there being any number of reasons ammonia could build up in the blood. And all these ways should be considered.

    The author mentions that he believes there are only a few ways ammonia can become a problem in the brain. Besides Lyme, he mentions severe liver disease as well-recognized producer of global or systemic ammonia.

    Hi Quanked, thanks for the bump. :)

    Best to All, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 05/14/2009]
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    I just ran across the following paragraph:

    The oral use of butyrate, a short 4-carbon chain fatty acid, is of striking benefit (Fusunyan et al 1998, Segain et al 1983, Yin et al 2001) in mobilizing renegade fats, lowering TNFalpha, sequestering ammonia, and clearing biotoxins.

    I did a quick check and butyrate and found it is relatively inexpensive; about $9 for 100 tablets. It appears to be a some kind of special calcium/magnesium supplement.

    Here's the link for the full article I pulled this paragraph from. The article is entitled: "The Detoxx System: Detoxification of Biotoxins in Chronic Neurotoxic Syndromes"



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