LEAKY GUT, does anyone know about this????

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    since my blood sugar has been unstable though I would get some chromium BUT the Health shop lady and I got talking and she insists that I have Leaky Gut And that its the cause of all my woes.... the further we talked the more I became depressed about what Iam trying to do

    She reckons she knows and I say its just another opinion, I asked my doctor a while a go and she just laughed.....

    any of you had the same diagnosis by Naturopaths?????

    Please I would like some info without surfing the net and it takes soooooooooo long to get where you want to go....

    angel hugs and blessings

  2. BobinGermany

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    Well... You probally already know my opinion of naturopaths.(smile)... If I went to the doctor and she just laughed I would maybe try to get another doc to check me before taking the advice of a store clerk in a health shop. But mainly just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you to feel better soon.

    God Bless,
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    No I dont know how you feel about naturopaths, I have been to a couple with no success, its like looking fir a needle in the haystack like it is with doctors

    I think you just get over it and you know what they all know best!!!!

    Clerk in the shop said to me oh painkillers do this and that and you really shouldnt take them! mmmmmm obviously she doesnt realise what pain we go through and hoe debilitating sp? it can be and we have to function somehow....

    I thank you for your prayers for my wellness and do the same for you Bob.......

    Nice to hear from you.....

    angel hugs and blessings to you

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    Hi Harmony,
    Leaky Gut exists,and Gastroenterologists are starting to recognise it as a condition. You can have a specific test for it. They are finding a large percentage of people with cfs have leaky gut. It is basically a porous gut lining which allows poorly digested food to pass into the blood stream.[as well as a lot of other unwanted things to get into the body] This sets in motion an abnormal immune reaction...... things start to go a bit haywire. There is a lot of information on the net re this subject. A good authority on this is a Dr called Leo Galland. You can google him. Its important to address this problem as a healthy gut is VERY important.
    Good luck
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    Please take some time to research this issue...If you are questioning it, it's worth a look into...IT WAS FOR ME!

    Please go to the top of the page and search for posts entitled "leaky gut", there are many...Look at mine from 11/18/06, many people posted with much knowledge about this issue...Many such as I have suffered through this 'syndrome' and due to md's not being truthful with us, continued to suffer...

    I see you sign your post 'angel hugs and blessings'
    I have learned to listen to my angels and after 12 years of ongoing symptoms and the last 1 1/2 years of torture at the hands of these docs, I am on my way to better health and a much better life...

    Hear the 'message' from the lady in the health food store, it just may lead you on the right path...

    I asked my naturopath to test me for leaky gut, her response was this, "why waste money on things we allready know, let's focus on fixing it"...Didn't cost me a cent and began my journey back from hell...

    It's not all quackery either...You can find the right match for you...My new doc is a former triage doc, very knowledgeable and caring, but chose to leave that profession and actually HELP people get well...She has done that for me in only 2 months...I remind you that I have been going to docs regularly and taking drugs for every condition plus more for the side-effects they caused for 13 years...No more!

    Please look into this 'theory'...I promise you will learn from it...

    Peace,Love & Light ~ Alicia

    cobie added above while I was typing this...yes, gastros may just be 'admitting' this due to all the people looking into it on their own...My GI laughed when I mentioned this but also laughed all the way to the bank after billing me $80,000 for 3 hospital stays...I learned the hard way...[This Message was Edited on 09/10/2007]
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    Please read my previous posts about delayed food allergies, testing, and an elimination diet. Our gastrointestinal tract plays a huge part in our immune system. You can Google "delayed food allergy testing" and read info from the first AND second sites that appear.

    Food sensitivities that have developed over time due to over exposure can lead to many different symptoms....pain, soreness, stiffness, itchiness, migraine, irritable bowel, etc.

    Eliminating our sensitive foods from our diet can eliminate the symptoms.
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    Hi, I was diagnosed with leaky gut approx 2 years ago. Based upon low level allergic reactions to almost all foods, my Dr concluded that I had leaky gut. I also had an overabundance of bad "bugs" in my gut, and not enough good "bugs". I had to go on antibiotics for awhile and take large amounts of probiotics. I'm sure it's all cleared up now. Correcting the problem did improve my overall health somewhat. But it sure didn't cure my CFS or Fibro.
    Take care,
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    I know what you mean with Leaky Gut. I have had food allergies since I have been born and now they have really flaired up. I just try to stick to foods that I can tolerate. That is really sometimes difficult, especially if you go out at night.

    I also use a detox on my digestive system every three months and that seems to help to clean me out to start me all over again. I also have IBS which is supposed to be connected to Leaky Gut. I take Bentyl for that and it is really great.

    Any other questions I will be happy to help you.

    Hope we will talk later. Tell me some more, maybe I can help you further.
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    I will promise to investigate more, Iam beginning to think that its food alergies but i havnt any Iam aware of though......

    Can I get these tests done through doctors????
    I have an appointment on Friday and want to bring it up with her again,

    What are the symptoms???? and is the result FM?
    Or is it yet another by product of FM????

    man it gets so complicated no wonder the docs cant fiigure it out....

    Thanks again for the info i really appreciate it and yes listening to the angels maybe you are my angels......

    hugs and angel blessings

  10. sydneysider

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    To the best of my knowledge leaky gut is one of the many 'by products' of FMS.
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    I have it...doc gave me perm-a vite and digestive enzymes for that
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  13. Nanie46

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    I didn't know that I had delayed food allergies(IgG) either, but I did. That is because the symptoms are not always thought of as being caused by foods. Pain, soreness, stiffness, itchiness, headaches, brain fog and bowel problems are some of the possible results of constant exposure to foods that you are sensitive to.

    The testing can be done through a Dr. The Dr orders it. Look at the Sage Med Lab website. Other labs do this kind of ELISA food allergy testing too. Some places let you order it yourself, I believe, if you want to self pay. Mine was covered by my insurance after my deductible and copay.

    This is not the same kind of food allergy testing done by an allergy Dr for immediate allergies (IgE)that cause hives, etc.

    These sensitivities do not initially cause the FM. The viruses that caused our FM allow the sensitivities to develop. Constant exposure to foods/ingredients like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, gluten (wheat, rye, barley), milk, soy, etc allow our bodies to become sensitive.

    I am sensitive to 22 of the 88 foods I was tested for. That includes beef, pineapple, carrots, sweet potato, wheat, milk, sugar, corn (high fructose corn syrup), banana, coconut, cottonseed, peanut, rye, sesame, almond, apricot, barley, cabbage, cantalope, cinnamon, crab, and salmon.

    I gave you that list so you can see that I never would have figured all that out on my own. The only food that I ever thought bothered me was milk!

    After doing a 5 month long elimination diet and food challenges, I was able to determine that sugar and corn syrup cause increased pain, soreness and stiffness...so I need to avoid those. All the other foods on my list caused some mild to moderate intestinal distress. I can eat those foods in moderation if I take a Multi Enzyme Formula (digestive enzymes) with them. They work like a charm.

    Do not be surprised if your Dr says they never heard of this testing or that it is just a scam. There are very few Dr's who are knowledgeable about it. I am an R.N. and I was skeptical about it before I did it. My Dr has FM and he said it was real and it helped him alot, so I did it.
    The testing is real, the results were real, and very correct. My FM symptoms are at least 50% better since making these changes.

    If I were you, I would go to the Sage Med Lab website, read through all the different pages of information there and print out alot of it and take it to your Dr. My Dr...Dr Daniel Dantini has a website too. He told me he doesn't mind if Dr's call him with questions about the testing or the antiviral treatment that he prescribed for me also. I took Famvir for 6 months after having viral testing. I just finished taking it.

    It only makes sense that foods can play a huge part in your bowel problems since, What do we do at least several times daily??.....EAT!

    It is also important to rule out things like Celiac disease (Gluten intolerance). Have you had a colonoscopy with biopsy? There is alot of undiagnosed Celiac disease. People can have Celiac and also alot of delayed food allergies too. It is important for people with Celiac to go gluten free, because not doing so can be deadly.

    Please take this information seriously. It can change your life!!!!!

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    I just cannot believe that leaky gut can also be a by product of FM!!!

    the lady told me that it gut develops holes and that the nutrition therfor doesnt absorb and leaks into the bloodstream etc and that is what makes you sick....

    Yeah I have had a colonoscopy and it showed nothing but I think with all these things that also depends on how open minded the specialists is.....

    Sometimes it gets so overwhelming and that doesnt do the fatigue ANY good

    nanie I will look into it further but.... yeah but am so tired......

    angel hugs and blessing for all the in put people!

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    Hi Connie, I have been diagnosed with dysbiosis and leaky gut. A conventional doctor would not take it seriously just like they don't take candida seriously. My alternative doctor diagnosed me a few months ago. He said that it definitely contributes to fatigue and concentration problems and overall ill health. I am on a treatment protocol for it.

    First my doc got me to do a highly specialised stool test which he sent off to Bioscreen lab in Melbourne. Website is www.bioscreenmedical.com check out the website. Some interesting stuff on there. I'm from Sydney. This report from this test said I have severe dysbiosis. Basically what that means is that the bacteria in my gut are not balanced. I have very high strep bacteria which have invaded my small bowel. All my good bacteria were zero. Yes that's correct, 0%. This condition is also called SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). Basically I have a severe strep overgrowth, no good bacteria at all and candida overgrowth happening in the gut. This is dysbiosis. Dysbiosis eventually leads to Leaky gut.

    I am taking lots of supplements for this including probiotics, digestive enzymes and Glutagenics. Glutagenics is a powder made my metagenics and it is specifically to heal the gut lining that gets damaged from Leaky Gut Syndrome. Glutagenics has got Glutamine, licorice and aloe in it (can't remember what else). I am also on antibiotics on an on/off basis to kill the overgrowth of strep. Antibiotics I had to get from a compounding pharmacy.

    Whether Leaky Gut leads to FM or whether Leaky Gut is just another result of FM I don't know. My research on this (which I have done a lot of) states that the symptoms of LEaky Gut are similar to CFS and FM.

    In addition to what someone further up said about the gut and the immune system I agree. The gut makes up most of our immune system. With Leaky Gut syndrome when the gut is permeable causing food particles etc to leak into the bloodstream, the immune system does not recognise the foreign particles/protein and this leads to food sensitivities and allergies. The immune system recognises these as foreign and starts attacking. This can also contribute to auoimmune conditions too. (It all gets very interesting and VERY overwhelming). I have autoimmune issues with a pending lupus and or sjogren's diagnosis, as well as my FM.

    I have been focusing on healing my gut for a few months now by following my doc's treatment plan I described above. Still no alleviation of symptoms! I'll give in another month or two, then I am scheduling my amalgam removal. Interestingly enough, Leaky Gut, just like CFS, FM and autoimmune conditions are all symptoms of mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings.

    You should research Leaky Gut.

    Cheers, a fellow Aussie :)
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    Yeah was afraid of that, doc I see now just laughed when I mentioned to her earlier.....

    Stool test hey? charming, depends on what time of the day I could be constipated or the other, I think its prob IBS although i have no pain.....

    Take yakult and thats about it, gee now I have forgotten what you said!!!!! darn it......

    For the teeth yeah want to take out all the top ones but havnt the enery or the courage to go to the dentist as I have to have 14 removed.....

    Thanks for the input

    angel hugs and blessings

    Connie....OI Oi oi!!!!
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    I have leaky gut syndrome, too. At least, that's what I call it. I was given dx of IBS years ago. I took ELISA test for food sensitivities and it showed problems with wheat, dairy, sesame, tuna, etc. So, I stopped dairy and gluten. Took me a long time to stop completely. I sometimes give in, but I then get sinus congestion or headache or stomach ache. It's direct cause and effect.

    I found Dr. Dahlman in Cincinnati to be very helpful. I talked to him once on the phone, and used his website where he spells everything out about IBS (and leaky gut) and what causes it and what to do. Visit the site: www.drdahlman.com.

    The best thing for me is to avoid foods that bother me, take probiotics. And, I also have done a cleanse and repair of stomach inflammation with Metagenics UltraInflamx. I love that stuff(though it's expensive). It works.