"Leaky Gut" Survivors! Does it EVER get better?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pam_d, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. pam_d

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    I found out I have severe food allergies/leaky gut syndrome recently, so for the past 3-4 weeks I've been faithfully doing the rotation diet, taking probiotics & enzymes (actually those I've been doing for about 8 weeks), plus other supplements I was shown to be deficient in test-wise....

    OKAY....I know now that I've been sick probably for YEARS with this, and the road to "wellness" will be long and bumpy....but I feel worse than ever!!! All my symptoms seem to be amplified right now----for me, a long-time sufferer of neurological symptoms, that means every neuro symptom (twitching, tingling, etc) is worse.

    For those who have followed the "leaky gut" recovery protocol....does it ever get better? Am I kind of going through a "herx" effect of things seeming worse before they get better? My testing showed I do NOT have a systemic candida problem, just severe allergies to many, many foods (which I was unknowingly assaulting my body with for years).....am I kind of going through a withdrawal???

    It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm commited to this diet (probably for life) but does anyone actually start to feel healthier after a while???

    PLEASE----give me some hope! Thanks so much...

  2. kgg

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    But it is a process. I have treated my gut twice and both times I got worse before I improved. But it is worth the effort to stick with it. My energy and mental clarity were so much better. If you don't improve, maybe you are allergic to an ingredient in the supplements. I have to be careful with supplements with my son who has a lot of food allergies, especially corn. It is in everything as a binder. But you are on the right tract, hang in there!
  3. layinglow

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    Yes, hon, it does get better....
    I had terrible IBS with resulting Leaky Gut.
    After many, many months, I have NO IBS symptoms!

    I expect that it will take quite awhile for the years of damage to my lining to heal--and end the leaky gut problems, and my malabsorption problems. I am on the way though.
    You are on the right track!
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You are taking control and doing all the right stuff. It takes time, but it will get better. Eliminating all those things to which you have become allergic will pay off big time down the road.

    Love, Mikie
  5. jstbrznby

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    OK I haven't even heard of this but just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear you are having such Hell!!!!! What even brings this on? How did you find it out? I suffer from this IBS thing as well but I sure don't remotely think I have suffered like you are! Sorry to hear this my dear.....I send you FEEL GOOD HUGS!!!!!!.......Pam
  6. sssupermom

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    Does it ever go away? or will we have to stay away from all the foods forever?
  7. pam_d

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    I always get such good support here! I really appreciate the collective experience everyone here has, and even if somebody doesn't have a history with this, the supportive comments help LOTS, too!

    As far as IBS goes......I think I had IBS symptoms YEARS ago, like 2 decades.....gradually those seemed to get better, but were replaced with FM symptoms. Looking back now (I am not a health professional or nutrition whiz) but I honestly believe that my original IBS issues kind of evolved (as my food allergies went along undetected) and the more serious form was & is, FM symptoms. Like I kind of went from a Phase 1 to a Phase 2 with this "leaky gut" stuff.

    I would urge anyone who has IBS to at least investigate food allergies......before they get any worse! I keep thinking of where my health would be if I'd found this out 5 or 10 years ago.....

    But I guess all I can do is go forward!

    Grateful hugs,
  8. pam_d

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    To answer your question....I personally believe that I will probably NEVER again touch milk products, gluten or soy. There are those who do try to introduce those forbidden things back into their diet after a period of months. My feelings is, I have gotten so ill from these things, and I am able to get a nutritious diet by careful food planning & supplements, why eat them? But I do know this is hard...... and I may try to sample things I have lesser allergies to after a year or so....

  9. tansy

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    I've recently posted the regime I took up because of my GI tract symptoms.

    Like so many of us I suffered malabsorption, loads of food allergies and intolerances, the list goes on.

    I forgot to add the fibre I'm also using - Regulan in the UK. I've found this more necessary now that the diarrhea and terrible spasms have eased down.

    I still can't believe the difference now. I've almost forgotten I have gut problems, the symptoms have become so much less severe. Whilst I know our symptons fluctuate I have absolutely no doubts improvements in this area can positively affect your whole body's well being.

    Good luck