Leaky gut syndrome and CFIDS??

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    well i'm new some of you know me from immune support
    sherri rogers MD a wellknown dr. in CA has said many chronic ill. don't completely heal due to leaky gut syndrome i recently had PC with donna gates who has CD's on leakky gut, she didn't even charge me i was so sick , but i couldn't even tolerate the lst step my allergic reactions due to CFDIS leakky gut overactivated th2 etc are so bad lst step heal up gut and replace wtih cultures from body ecology wtih young green cocunut kefired water, well i couldn't find the cocunuts very exp. shiping nad hard to find so trop coco sold by grain and salt was nex step so i kefired it 48 hrs. it set off my chronic tongue mouth throat sinus and severe allergy like tickling in my tongeu and ears she said toxins release i said i only took 2 sips so after trying to try it over and over i gave up and am using innuflora instead, my leaky gut is bad i know the symptoms the food allergy test say i'm not allergic to something and i react to everything , part is my fault i've been fighting food binging for 2.5 yrs. i crave sugar hvae dr. guyer just ordered new cdsa i now the the sugar is bad and makes mre more reactive i've tried abotu l2 times to follow donna's recommendations juice broth fast for 4 days as the stomach turns over every 5 days - well i end up binging i'm so hungry, and eat enough for l0 people i'm 6'l and l26 lbs. very worried on pic line IV for guyer's nutriotnal iv with glutathoine b complex etc etc makes me feel better but the extreme reactions to everything i ingest get me down, i stay starved but hate to eat i even react to veggie juices itchy ears above symtpoms i have the exxtreme overactivation of th2 btu guyer said GALT gut assoc. lympathic tissue (gut is 2nd brain) can be major contirubtor to inflammatory response

    but i'm so discouraged also donna says the adrenals must be stronger (which are delpeted of coruse in cfids in order to heal)

    ANY thoughts on leaky gut syndrome as inablity to heal from these type illness like cfids fibro lupus RA?

    thanks paul mark
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    i know my leaky gut syndrome and all digestion type problems and fms symptoms improved when i used a probiotic called nature's biotics if that helps...
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    Hi. Someone suggested I take probiotics for spastic bowel, which i'm trying and I've heard that PRIMAL DEFENSE is the best one. I also take Apo-chlorax and Modulon before each meal.
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    Have you tried primal defense from garden of life?

    Other recommendation for leaky gut.

    Put a pinch of Slippery Elm bark (ground elm bark) into a quart of water and drink throughout the day.

    at other times try a pinch of yellow Saffron, 1tsp. into hot water and steep as tea.

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    That's me. Primal Defense by Garden of Life has helped. I was urged by my D.O. to use digestive enzymes as well (with l-glutamine). Garden of Life has one called QZyme (actually, it's not a 'Q'... it's the Greek symbol for 'omega'. Just don't know where to find that one on the keyboard! HA!)

    Garden of Life products are a tad bit pricey, but soooo worth it compared to other products on the market. I went the cheap rout. I got cheap results.

    Oh! One more thing...NO REFINED FOODS NOR SUGARS!

    good luck

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    thanks susuan i've been on pure encapsulations gluatmine muscle tested at about only 2 tsp. per day, the sunray supply where i have gotten some supps for 6 yrs. said to take with something like juice but i looked on container said between meals IS it ok take in AM with water

    does it have to be on empty stomach, not had much luck with l glut. taken before, but the binging has hurt me acidosis adrenasl crave sugar too

    as far a probiotic haven't got results yet from dr. dale guyer on recent CDSA one yr ago showed plenty of the good stuff but overgrowth of klebseille bacillus strep so i was on biogensis parabiotic plus which matched up with senstivitey

    just made it 4 days finally as gut turns over every 5 days lost more wght. this is per donna gates body ecology ph. consult gave it to me free

    then i binged i was so hungry,

    vicoius cycle

    What's drenatrophin. ????

    Paul mark thanks
  7. PaulMark

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    thanks toby i know all about probio. i'm taking innuflora which is a pre biotic and helps bodies own bacteria flora i'm taking anymore pros till new cdsa comes in

    ARE YOu talking veggie juices are bad for candida or fruit i can't do fruit except little granny smith or pear

    i take atrium CF support for adrenals

    i made it 4 days per donna gates (leaky gut Ph. consult free) then went on huge binge so today i can't eat had to get down romaine lettuce with a alittle carrot

    the nutritionist has worked with ALCAT (IGG) rotation diets but wants me to do a potassium broth and no way to rotate foods

    i think kher point is she trying to help the binging on sugar and junk i'm l27 lbs and 6 l"

    i couldn't toelrate gates recommendation to kefir trop coconut water from grain and salt allergic bad reactions in my bizzare tongeu mouth throat ears sysmptoms overactive gut asso. GALT or th2

    atrium makes cf support it does help

    HAVE you ever had to try to follow a rotation diet ???

    the potassium broth I do since celery is a 2+ food

    is broccoli carrots onions caulifor or cabbage,

    i learned from a RN who dos sacrial cranial cranial how to muscle self test it says the pot. broth is not harmful

    myk point no way to rotate it, i guess the muscle testing is somewhat accurate

    i was told by one to say this is harmful to my
    body it cuts out the ego part as the body has it's own wisdom makes sense

    changes day to day though

    i get so discouraged though cause i react to about everythign i'm sure it's the leaky gut though

    she has me on KRILL oil and phstophsophine coline to soothe and heal gut but until i can or GOD helps me control the severe cravings and food binges nothing will help

    thanks so much write soon Paul m