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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nikki, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Learned something I didn't know. About 2 wks ago my Lorcet seemed to stop working, and I've been in a whole lotta pain. I called my Rheumy to see if I could switch to something else . . . maybe Oxycontin. His response was to stop taking the Lorcet for 2 days, then continue again. The pain just got worse . . . so guess the Lorcet was working a tiny bit.

    Packman suggested I take a different pain med in the interim. I had some Ultracet from a previous Rx that I had to stop taking b/c I was later rx'd Flexeril. Then I had to stop the Flexeril b/c I started taking Klonopin. So, since I'm no longer on Flexeril, I decided to take the Ultracet 2x day for 2 days. The Ultracet worked to take the edge off.

    Today, I started back on the Lorcet . . . it's working again. Hopefully, this will do the trick. Since it worked in my case, it might also work for anyone else who's built up a tolerance to their regular pain med. It's a least worth a try..................sharon
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    I suffer so bad from fibromyalgia, and have experience with pain meds as I am a professional, in that regard. All pain meds do build a tolerance in your system at sometime and the longer you take, it will take more of them to work or at a higher dose, or stopping for up to 2 weeks or months at a time. When I am hurting, I really don't find anything pain meds that help all the way. I do not like being on so many meds as it is, and do not like having to have to take pain meds if possible. So, instead I will use more homeopathic methods for pain relief. Biofeedback, Epsom Salt Baths, & having someone rub warm vics all over my body, as I usually tell Dr.'s when I have a flair up that everything hurts but my tongue. I also found that Alleve seems to work good, but, too much of that is not either. All medications have there good and bad sides to them, and change our chemistry. We use our livers or kidneys to excret these, and if over used later in live, may lead to problems. I always try to keep this in mind. Yes by you using different meds, for different times it great. And to use meds like Ultracet that are not addictive is great. Always try different things, but, I really suggest home remedies as much as possible. You probably couldn't tell me that if I was in a flair up and moaning and groaning in pain though!!ha ha.
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    don't care much for the pain meds. But, they seem to be a necessary evil. I'm also in PT . . . pressure point massage therapy and (just started) aquatics in 92 degree water . . . I think this type of exercise will work for me. I walk on my treadmill and do my stretches . . . drink lots of water and take my supplements and vitamins. And, just purchased a CD "Hypnosis for Chronic Pain."

    But the pain can still be horrific . . . lately from the top of my head to the tip of toes.

    I'm learning something new every day, however . . . this board is a great resource.

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