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    I was offically diagnoised with depression about 10 months ago. I believe I have been depressed since my early teens. I am now 24 and trying to figure out how to deal with this. I started with talking to a counselor and talk with her every 2 weeks. When I first started out it was twice a week. Then that wasnt working too much, I cried all the time. On my way to work, at work, going bk hm or just when I was around people. I then lost 20 lbs because i didnt want to do anything or feel like eating. Then they said i had anxiety and depression. Ive been put on 3 meds and I don't understand how im suppose to feel if they are working, some days i feel ok and laughing and going out then the next im down and dont want to c anyone. I miss everyone around me, yet they are all there. Ive tried talking to my mom sisters and boyfriend about it and the only one who seems to understand is my boyfriend. Yet all of them dont know how to talk to me or know what to do or act. I just feel all alone in this. But I know everyone is there for me. Please some advice or something!!
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    is a thought. If you don't feel like this counselor is the one for you, try another .

    Many people go to different doctors for another opinion. This is the same with counselors, don't give up try again.

    I hope you find what works for you and you may also want to post on the depression board for more suggestions from others too.

    Wish you Well
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    Welcome to the board. You will find lots of nice people here who
    are familiar with depression.

    Generally people who don't have depression, don't understand it.
    Part of the problem is the word "depression" itself. It means being
    sad about some event (was sick and missed the big concert). It
    also means an illness that is serious and pervasive.

    It is not something you can snap out of or cure by exercise or by
    getting a job or by quitting your job or by finding a new boyfriend, etc.

    Are you getting therapy as well as meds? Do you belong to a support

    Visiting the depression board on this site is a good suggestion.

    Good luck

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    Our hospital (southwestern ontario, canada) has anxiety and depression groups for out patients, call your nearest hospital and see what services are available for you to access.or check in the front of your local phone book to see what mental health services are out there within your reach, I also work in the mental healthcare field(secretary) it can take a while to get the right meds to work for different people. hang in there and good luck, these discussion boards are a cool way to touch base with others out there who may have advise re. your issues.
    take care