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    Just found this site...my 20 year old daughter has been in so much pain for the last 3-4 years, spent last summer going to several doctors, to a final diagnosis of FMS and the dr. told her that her future was dismal. She should try to live a healthy lifestyle and there was no pain meds that would help. She has jaw pain that keeps her awake all nite in such pain, sometimes it's her shoulder, hip or hands. During her Christmas break she was home and the dr. ran more tests and did come up with a vit D definciency. Her count was 11, normal being between 25 and 80. She has red hair, freckles and can not tolerate the sun at all...it's just so frustrating, there are some days she just can't function at all. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions...she's tried several muscle relaxers, is now on a strong Vit D supplement once a week for 8 weeks and then more bloodwork to see where that's at. Thanks for listening!!
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    Thank you. She's already been to several different Dr.'s just since last June. One was a TMJ specialist, who said she did not have TMJ. Then right early in Dec. she went to the ER and the Dr. there said she had TMJ and walked out,while she sat there crying. He did nothing for her. I don't know if they think she's just some kid trying to abuse pain pills or what. She was up all night in pain the night before she had finals. She misses out on so much because of FMS. Right now she is a full time student and has a part time job...what happens when she's done with school and tries to hold down a full time job. It is just so unbelievable that she is expected to live like this. She's on a antidepressant and an anti-inflamatory drug...somedays are good and some are not. It's hard to know when the meds are working and when maybe she's having a good day. Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Lukemia have all been ruled out. Though I did ask the Dr. if she could just try the Arthritis meds to see what would happen...he didn't even respond to me!!