left side stomach pain and bloating

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  1. Does anyone know what this is from? They said I had alot of stool backed up in my upper stomach.
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    Well I'm thinking that you should go get this checked out. When I had the very same symptoms...the pain just got worse and worse until I had to make a trip to the ER.

    After a CAT scan was done, they said I had diverticulitus. I went on a course of antibiotics and it improved greatly. Also got some pain meds and was told to take daily fiber for the rest of my life.

    Ocassionally I have a flare-up... in which case I go back on the AB's and increase fiber for a while.

    Do get it checked out for your own sanity sake. Not knowing is not good! I let mine go until I could hardly walk the pain and pressure was so bad.

    Take care of you!! Blessings... CarolK

    PS.. do a google search on "diverticulitus symptoms"...see if you fit the symptom list. And yes...the pain is on the LEFT side with that disease![This Message was Edited on 06/25/2008]
  3. A doctor did mention that he thought I had that about 4 years ago.I didn't have the insurance to get the test done. Ruthie
  4. I wanted to mention that I was sick 1 wek ago and the doctor at urgent care said there was alot of fecal matter trapped in my upper bowel. Ruthie
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    With diverticulitus the fecal matter become trapped in little "cul-de-sac's" in the bowel where it accumulates and then becomes infected... causing pain, gas, bloating.

    If your doctor a few years ago mentioned that disease... well you just might want to follow up with an exam to see if that is what is causing your pain.

    Like I said before... do a google search on diverticulitus symptoms...it might be of help.

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    Don't eat anything with tiny seeds or nuts.