left sideof mouth hurts

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    Back in 93 I had to have all my teeth pulled out and put in false teeth in on the top and also all my molars were cut out too plus a few of the back teeth on both side pulled out.
    Here lately i have had pain down my left jaw to wear i have
    four teeth in front.The dentist filled my cavities in my four fron teeth back in late October.They didn't hurt for a couple of weeks and then last Monday he permenately filled them.The las four days since i had them filled the pain is
    shooting down my jaw to where the end of the last front
    tooth on the right is. I have FMS but didn't know it could effect my mouth.The pain is so bad that I take two 20 mmg
    of oxycontin and that didn't help so I took a loritab #10
    and that didn't ease it so I finally took M.S.Contin 80mg and It took care of the pain for four to six hours and it's back again.I even use a heating pad next to my mouth on the left side,It just shoots pain like electric impulses.It
    hurts so bad I can't eat very well at all.I take neurontin,
    zanaflex,amitriptoline,and xanax also for my FM and ami and 30mg dalmane for sleep and 1mg for sleep also.I'm so scared to have my teeth pulled out because it costs 4,000.00 for a new one and my husbands insurance doesn't cover much in dental.I was in 2 abusive marriages yeasrs ago and was slapped in the mouth sveral times so I know this has something to do with it.The longer I sit here and type this
    the worse the pain is getting. so i'll end this for know and hope someone out there could recommend anything.I'd cut off my left arm if it would take away the pain.
    Thankyou for listening to me.
    From one hurting woman
  2. Shirl

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    I am so sorry you have your mouth hurting, that is the worst pain.

    It sounds like you have an exposed nerve, that happened to me a long time ago, the pain was unbearable. If this is the problem, you need to get back to that dentist ASAP!

    My daughter had a root canal, and she had this also. She almost lost it with the pain .

    I don't know if heat is good for that, you need to find this out from the dentist. You might need to use an ice pack instead of heat.

    If you can't get to the dentist, at least call the emergency number and get some advice for what you can do or not do.

    Will say a prayer for you, God, I can all but feel that pain!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am so sorry you are feeling all this pain, dental pain has to be one of the worst types of pain, everything in your mouth is amplified several times, it seems...Please call your dentist, this constitutes an urgency if not emergency. If he has no answers, he needs to refer to an oral surgeon for evaluation....nobody can live with constant, unrelenting dental pain, it will take its toll on your whole body (sounds like it has) I hope you can find some help & relief ASAP!