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    how are you doing? is your family issues calming down some? i have been thinking of you alot...

    lots of hugs and kisses...


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    THE CLASSES LAST 3 WEEKS. my other son is a realtor and he talked them into it. they seem excited about it so maybe itll turn their lives around.

    walt the one who OD even had a date last night.hes really saying he wants a family so maybe this will all turn his life around.

    ill let you know in 2 weeks if they pass.

    you and fight are so good answering every post. i admire that with all youve got going.

    i read that you were taking college courses that is great.

    youll do well i know.

    hows codys football. my husband is full go now . i went to scrimage but when your kid isnt playing its not the same.

    didnt you say me your ex was in the nfl if so with what team. i wanted to tell my husband.

    well thx for asking that made me feel good.

    i dont want to ever forget what he looked like it was terrifying. love gail
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    paperwork that i have been needing to do....and go through....

    let's seel the ex-played semi-pro...out here in san francisco...he had offers to play ilb for canadian league, france germany...and for the nfl..he had green bay packers call the house, the chargers and some others...i can't remember all of them...they wanted to have him come down to the l.a. combines...he was 275 lbs. ran a 4.5 40 yard dash and 6'3"...just a big musclar man and quick...he had letters of intents his senior year of high school...one from u of m...bo schembachler wanted him...then he ended up in the e.r. w/torn rotator cuff...then they backed off..
    his dad...had pro contract for the bills way back in the late 60's to be a kicker...but my mil said no way...i am not leaving michigan....now she regrets some things she just couldn't deal w/change.....

    but the uscg..put a damper on that one...they had to do what they used to call testra? military war games out in the pacific ocean off from san diego area....anywyas..this was during the time the lA combines were going...coast guard said nope can't take leave...

    so anyways....sounds like hopefully your children will get on the right road to somewhere better....

    i just got on the computer today....my son play some video game online on the computer...

    well i need to get my klonopin...and fall asleep i should've down that hours ago...my son is still up..not good he has football practice all this week and also next week they have double days...then start school on 8/24..

    tell you son's good luck on the real estate..hopefully the market is doing better there than here...it is a buyer's market right now out here...


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    youre as bad as me i know staying up all night is part of this fibro. i feel better at night and stay up but cant get out of bed till noon. its a visious cycle.

    my one son does the foreclose thing for investors so hes going to help them. i have 4 boys 1 girl it gets confusing lol

    they really are not bad people just get into stuff the one says he wishes hed done things different

    my husband was at football 10 hrs today the pay is great lol 10cents an hr but he loves it.

    glad youre getting child support worked out. what are you taking in college love gail
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    with it....now is he coaching arena football? or high school or college...?

    i forgot exhb had offers to play the arena football as well..
    oh well..

    classes for me are general psychology, general math...just below the pre-algebra...level...then college level reading and writing...

    so i have been busy...and then the welbutrin kept me up last night...
    i talked to psychiatrist and he said stop taking it...it over stimulates me...and we are just going to try to increase the vavactil to 10 mg....last time i did that i was in dire pain...it may have been the med or just the fibro flare from hell...burning scolding pain all over my body...it was horrible...

    but if it happens i know to stop it the first night...that is all it took last time...i am highly sensitive to meds...

    can't take opiads..they are a depresant...and i deal w/major depression...i will take them occasionally other than that anti-inflammatory sudinlac...the ad and mazide for edema...oh yes the klonopin at night time so i can sleep and helps w/pain and spasms..
    it took the klonopin last night and as you can see i was up into the wee morning........

    i have had a sugar tooth these past two days...i knew the old breast were getting sore...i am perimenopausal...

    well glad you family is doing fairly well and you seem in better spirits.....

    my car is acting up again...i think i hate to say this may need new transmission...i am stressing about money for that..taking a bus 15 miles... read my post to fight what's up..you'll understand more about me...

    then ssa owes me $$$...i have contacted congressman's office a few weeks ago...i keep doing this over and over...i am about to hire an attorney to get my money for me...

    lot's of hugs

    love jodie