Leg and Feet Swelling and Abdominal Bloating

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sansofpa, May 26, 2012.

  1. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Good Morning,

    Last week when I had my doctor appointment I was very swollen in my lower legs, feet and ankles. He measured my legs and my left leg at my calf was 2 inches larger than my right calf. Both feet and ankles measured the same. I was searching and found that FMS does not cause "visable swelling", only a feeling of swelling. My hands feel very swollen, but I haven't measured them when it happens, yet. Has anyone else experienced visable swelling? I also have red lines, sort of like veins going in the wrong direction in both of my foreams underneath my skin.

    My lower abdomen swells/bloats frequently. I haven't changed my diet and I do not use salt. I also read lables. I've never experienced this problem before, either. When it bloats, it is very hard to the touch, but not painful. I actually look pregnant, that's how large my abdomen gets. My bowels are fine, so I'm not concerned about a blockage.

    Has anyone had numerous female surgeries and pelvic pain? About 2 months ago, I was bedridden for 2 days and lost 8 days of work due to pelvic/abdominal pain. At that time, I was not bloated. I lost 7 pounds because I had no appetite. All tests and scans were negative. I was sent to the hospital by my FB doc. I recently read that previous surgeries can cause issues with FMS'ers. The surgeries I had were in the 70's, 80's and 90's; nothing since then except a bladder cystoscopy.

    Thank you and have a great Sunday!
  2. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hi Leah,

    I had a CT Scan and it didn't show anything that would cause pain or
    blockage or inflammation or diverticulitis, etc. It showed my entire upper and lower abdomen including my intestines.

    I did not have a colonoscopy and the doc said there was no need right
    now due to my other issues and all the tests I've been through.

    It sounds like you've had symptoms similar to mine with your pelvic pain. Did you have a colonoscopy?

    I found my full page magnifier and will attempt to do more reading today.
    I am really going to be a Fibro-College-of-Knowledge in no time! Not that
    I wanted to grow up to be that, but education is passing my aching time.

    I'm nowhere near the point of being able to be at a picnic or gathering.
    With the migraines, urination frequency/urgency, pain and weight gain,
    I am more comfortable in my humble abode without restrictive clothing.

    I'm not bothered at all with others not being on the Boards today or even
    tomorrow. I'm happy for if some has found relief, if only for a day or so..
    it's my goal indeed.

    How are you feeling?

    Thanks so much for being there,
  3. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Jam . . I feel your pain. My Aunt had hip surgery after a nasty fall and for a year she's been dealing with pain.

    I'm not taking any Meds now, that I haven't taken regularly; acutally I'm taking less Meds . . a Vicodin on the weekends and a few evenings during the week, but I took that in the past after surgeries.

    My veins look weird and I'm wondering if it's a vein or circulation problem, but I'll let the doc decide when I call and tell him it hasn't subsided.

    So you don't think this swelling we're experiencing is from FMS?

    I'm delighted that you're able to get relief!

    I'm craving pizza . . ummm.. wonder if it will cause another symptom if I
    eat it . . LOL

    Wishing you a painfree day!
  4. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    My Aunt plays cards every Wednesday while hooked up to an oxygen tank.
    She unplugs her oxygen and turns the machine off when she smokes. She smokes 2 cartons a week and 2+ pots of coffee a day. She's pushing 90 and has no intention of giving either up and I would never suggest she does.
    I wish I could play cards every Wednesday.

    When I look at pictures as a child, I see all of us youngsters sitting on the laps of relatives who have a cigarette in their mouth and a quart of beer on the end table. That was the norm for our families and entire neighborhood. I have always been ridiculed for not drinking. I have no idea what it even tastes like. My doctor said this wouldn't be a very good time for me to start.

    When I was raped and beaten, it just wasn't a good time to quit smoking.
    When my house was broken into and I was robbed, I didn't want to quit.
    When my daughter died, my doctor said it wasn't a good time to quit.
    When her grave was vandalized and the cemetary owner said she'd have
    to be moved due to bad publicity, I didn't feel like quitting.
    When the newspaper photographer's picture of me on the front page of the paper won "photo of the year" that showed me crying at the grave, I really didn't feel like quitting.
    When I spent 6 months every night with my sister who was going downhill fast from cancer, didn't feel like quitting then, either.
    10 months later when my younger sister died, I smoked her cigarettes and blew smoke to Heaven.
    When my Dad suddenly died, I used the lighter he bought me to light up.
    When I was downsized from my wonderful job, I had a great time smoking with all my former healthcare workers.
    When my $350,000.00 house was foreclosed, my attorney lit my cigarette.
    No need to continue this . . it's depressing me.

    I've never smoked indoors or in front of children and I really don't want to quit my "habit" right now.

    I truly appreciate your insight and concern.

  5. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Oh Leah . . I pray you'll feel a bit better real soon ^i^

    I looking forward to your award winning country song . . LOL . . it could happen.

    ....then an online celebration ceremony.

    I'm so tired and need to take a nap.

    Thanks again, for being here for me :) . . you have a way with words
    that is sooooooooo soothing.

    (((((((((((((((Leah))))))))))))))) (that's a hug - you might have known)

    Take care,
  6. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hi Jam,

    Just wishing you a painfree, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

    I'm having a migraine, stiff morning, but hopefully I'll be better
    this afternoon . . it's the weather here; so stormy and humid
    and we're going to break the heat records today and tomorrow,
    so I may have to resort to AC.

    I'm not swollen yet today, but the vibration on the bottom of
    my left foot has crept up through the lower part of my leg...
    just another thing that drives me crazy!

    Take care of you :)

  7. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    To each his own. great post,yes Iam a relapsing smoker and it drives me crazy when people get preachy about it.

    At this point in my life if I want to smoke(not often) I will. Mostly when the pain is out of control(nicotine helps with pain go figure!)
  8. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hi Jam,

    My father-in-law had to have a second hip replacment but I can't remember why. He's always been cranky since the first one and always says it feels like his old war injuries. He was in the military his entire life, until he retired.

    Funny . . back in the 70's I moved to California but only stayed for 2 years.
    That's when I discovered what a "sinus headache" was . . I lived in SF near the bay area.

    Well, you don't forget and regret my weather ? . . LOL

    My daughter-in-law's mother lives in So. California and she's always asking
    me to go live with her. She comes here frequently to see our grandchildren. They live almost 4 hours from me, and I don't know if I'll be able to make that drive by myself anytime soon. When my son has a 3 day weekend, usually every 3 months, they come and visit me.

    Do you have any other surgeries that bother you? I posted something about mine, but you sort of answered my question, unless you think that even without FMS you'd be stiff . . probably hard to know the answer to that.

    Does AC help you? I'm going to have to turn mine on today and tomorrow
    and need to be in tune with my body when I do. If I had FMS last summer, which I'm sure I did, I just can't remember if it was good or bad for me. I do
    know that I was always one to love 100 degree weather. Not so much
    anymore. I'm cold in 75 degree weather, though . . weird.

    Well, you try to unstiffen yourself on this wonderful day, if that's

    You are very welcome!

  9. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Funny you should say that . . nictotine helps with the pain.
    As said as it sounds, I totally agree with you. Maybe I should
    ask one of my doctor's if they know why? It's probably no
    different than someone having a drink to ease their pain.

    I certainly don't mind anyone getting preachy with me. Heck, I
    am trying to deal with my anger issues right now, and I'm probably
    offending many, many people in my quest to rid myself of it. Yes,
    it's my problem, but I am not as careful as I should be with my
    tongue, lately.

    Honestly, I just state the facts, just like you stated yours :)

    Wishing you a peaceful holiday,

  10. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member


    Are we related??

    You are just like my sister and I don't even know you. I'm seeing her come
    out in me more and more from her heavenly home ^i^ above. .

    Please, don't hold back, ever :)

    Do you realize you and the others are becoming my "new norm".
    That makes me smile and, brings a tear to my eye.

    You just call on me if you want an argument to get it all out. I can enjoy
    that . . sort of pathetic, huh??

    Take care,

    PS: From what I just read on another post we shouldn't be "sugar coating".
  11. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

  12. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble with swelling.

    I do not get swelling in my legs or feet. I do get it in my abdomen and also in my clavical and lower jaw areas.

    My swelling is both fluid retention and swollen lymph nodes due to the touchy inflammatory problem that accompanies my M.E & FM. No one knows how to fix it, but I do keep an eye on it.

    I take Zyflame, Curcumin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, Coconut oil and omega 3's & 6's to try to support my body's inflammatory response. I am also on LDN a prescription drug immune system modulator.

    I did have 5 abdominal surgeries in the 70's and 90's and may have some scar tissue or adhesions, but I do not have any "known" issues except the water retention in my adbomen.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  13. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Thanks Freida!
  14. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hello MicheleK,

    I'm flabbergasted by all the suffering that's going on here. I can't imagine
    what it feels like to have swelling in your clavical, especially since that's
    one of my problem pain areas. I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties, and
    all those meds without someone knowing how to help you???

    My upper jaw swells so much, my gums hit each other in the back of my
    mouth and my teeth don't touch. I can't even eat when that happens.

    I'm pretty sure my adhesions and scar tissue are gone after all the fancy
    surguries I had to remove them at a large out-of-town teaching hospital.
    My GYN isn't too sure and wants to do a laporoscopy. I said no for now,
    because frankly, I can't imagine enduring anymore pain.

    Thanks for the well wishes and hope you're having a comfortable day.


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