Leg,hip,thigh,groin,butt Pain

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  1. fungran

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    These are getting the best of me I have had this now for this is the 3rd week with the exception of maybe 4 days of walking and then down again.

    I take hot baths and use heatung pad and ice pack nothing is helping, I cry all the time now for no reason and I can't even go from my kitchen to the porch without hurting.

    Well, I have decided I am going to the ER tomorrow if it isn't better. I really don't need the bill but I do need relief. It is getting so bad I am having a hard time even doing everyday things.

    My husband is so understanding and here he is disabled and he has a plate and screws in his back and can't even bend but he trys to help Bless his Heart.

    I have gained some weight but only maybe 5lbs in about 1 year so I don't think that is it. I am having a hard time
    with this cause I am the type that will go and do for everyone that calls for help and now that I need help I am alone except for my husband cause all the family live out of state and can't come down here.

    I am not feeling sorry for myself cause I look at it as there are other's out there worse off then me but I still hurt.

    I am I guess afraid of what the doctor's will say is wrong. I have had Fibro/CFS for well, I guess most of my life. My old family Dr. told me I had it for sure about 8 years or so ago.

    Well, I am sorry to go on like this but I guess I feel a closeness to you all cause you have helped so many.

    Thank you for letting me vent. I hope I haven't broken any rules writing this, if so I am deeply sorry.

    Gentle Huggs to all
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    i know what you mean about the pain.i've had some days walking to the bathroom seeded more trouble then it was worth!when you take the bathes have you tried putting epson salt and peroxide in the water?that relives the pain for awhile for me.also we bought a new,good mattress which has helped with the pain at night.when i roll over it doesn't wake me any more.getting a weekly massage has also helped with the blood circulation.hope some of this helps.

    kathy c
  3. fungran

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    Thanks Kathi I have tryed that in my bath and it works for a short time. We have got air mattresses and they are great.

    But thank you any way

  4. tandy

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    sorry your in so much pain~ :(
    I have all you've listed except the thigh~ My hip drives me crazy sometimes!!!and the pian goes into my butt and down my legs!!It makes walking a major chore! going upstairs are really bad!!I also feel it in my groin area too but only on the left side??I know i'm weird huh?This DD is weird!! Your not alone.......I hope you get relief soon.I've been tempted to go to the ER for this pain before too....but never do~ I just hate the runaround!Around here it takes 2 hrs just to get in to the exam room!!Then all the possible tests on top of it!!forget it!!I'd better plan on a 3-4 hr visit!! Good luck if you should go~and PLEASE let us know how you make out~ I"ll be thinking of you~
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    Dear fungran;

    That is for your being in pain and because it sounds like my pain at different times. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine and degenerative disc disease (DDD). My stenosis is in the lumbar spine, and I have had all the kinds of pain you described, plus numbness in my right leg from the knee down. So maybe you are having some sort of trouble in your lumbar spine too.

    Hope things get better, loonie >^..^<
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    what you're saying, as most of my pain is in these areas, too. I take several different types of meds to help this and I have gotten to the point that I can tolerate it now. The worst is when I lie down at night, so I take my bedtime meds early. I could not cope before finding the right combo of meds for myself. I also have Spinal Stenosis and piriformis muscle pain, in addition to the FMS and myofascial pain.
    I am so sorry you are in pain....have you read Mad Dogs post on this? It speaks volumes!
    Take care and hugs back at cha! ((((((((hug))))))))))
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    for fungran