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    I am 19 and I feel like I'm 90. I've had pain in my legs, starting from the time I was twelve and getting progressively worse. I have spent the past year talking to doctors and being passed around and ended up with 'we don't know, take aleve and come back if it gets worse'. frustrating to say the least. this pain starts in my knee usually and works it's way up to my hip and then down my shin. it's like an ache and I can't explain it. it's like my bones are exploding . I can't find a patter for causes. usually it lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours. I have a very hard time explaining the pain . it's almost like someone microwaved my knee cap and then put it back in my leg. does anyone even know of anything like this?
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    they told me I don't have arthritis. after my doctors passed me around they said I was oddly shaped and double jointed in a strange way and it 'might just be something I ll have to deal with'. ibuprofen is barely putting a dent in the pain anymore. I have yet to see a chiropractor yet though
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    I feel like Im 90. I sit or lay for 15 minutes or longer and I cant walk and have this pain not in my joints just cant describe where?? maybe muscles?? just like under my skin from my butt down to my feet sometimes but once i get walking Im fine- I dont know what it is but sleeping is very uncomfortable shifting from side to side because of the pain.
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    If that's the case the information posted here, http://jamesb.hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration

    will allow you to identify the exact cause and fix it...if not...I would not want to be you.