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    I have been reading alot of posts on this site for a couple hours now, like I said in my "intro post" I am new to this so I am finding what everone has to say very helpful. In my other post I have mentioned my leg pain that started a few weeks ago. This pain is in both legs basically behind my knees(?), my calves, usually both calves but somedays it is the right leg others is the left leg, but sometimes the pain does radiate at times up and down my legs. The pain at times feels like it is burning, at times I feel a little twich or a quick sharp pain. The pain is bearable, but rather annoying because my legs feel heavy and are at a constant achey burn. It is worse after sitting all day. I have to stretch my legs out alot. Has anyone had similar symptoms, thanks!!!
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    I have had to deal with that a long time. Sometimes the pain is so bad it feels like the nerves are on the outside of the legs. When it gets real bad I take time to soak in a hot tub and then lay down. I think this pain is the reason I pace so much.

    I hope you find something that helps you!

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    I have a lot of leg pain too, unfortunately. I will also get multiple charlie-horses too sometimes which makes it even worse.

    I'll wrap a heating pad around my legs and stay off of them all day as much as possible. Muscle relaxers help and so does massage.

    Hang in there and happy holidays.
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    Severe leg pain and weakness. Stairs and standing for too long do me in!!!
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    I am another newbie. I have had chronic problems with my legs this year. I have had symptoms of fibromyalgia for more than 10 years and this particular problem is new.

    However, I have knee problems, as well as other leg problems that could be FMS related.
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    neede mine are really bad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I too am a leg pain suffer for over 15 yrs.now. I have the type of pain you have described; and also I have "restless legs" when I lay down and I can't keep my legs still. For the restless legs I finally got put on Requip medication and it has stopped all the restless legs at night when I want to constantly move them.

    For the other type of leg pain...you have tender points on the inside of your knee right where you leg bends. I have found that massaging these tender points helps with the pain. Lactic acid gathers there and pools in the muscle causing the soreness, burning and pain. It helps so much to keep them massaged daily. It hurts like the dickins the first few times you do it, as there is a lot of acid gathered there; but after doing it several times it gets less painful to do the treatments.

    Stretching is also very important. I stretch every morning and evening. Also , tub soaks with Epson Salts and Peroxide in the water is very helpful. It will draw the latic acid out and rid the body of it.

    My thoughts are with you and I hope something I have told you will help you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas from me to you.

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    It keeps me awake at night. I turn and turn until about 1 to 2:00 in the morning you kind of dread going to bed. My leg also hurts below the knee right on the bone. Thank God for hot baths and heating pads. For RLS I get up and run in place for about 1 min. and it seems to help.
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    Thank for the tips, and relation to the subject. I am going to try the everyday massage. Great information all!!!
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    I have only been on this board for a month or two, but have really enjoyed all the help everyone is willing to share. This will really sound like I am totally crazy, but please give it a try. This is a old remedy that I found out about and I use it and so does several of my friends that have leg cramps. All you need to do is put a bar of unwrapped soap--not Ivory or Dove-- under the fitted sheet down by your legs and feet and leave it there. It relieves the muscle pain and you can sleep all night. I first read about it in the local newspaper under Dr. Gotts daily question and answer section. So if you can stop laughing if this sounds crazy, and give it a try, just think how cheap and easy this might be to solve a terrible problem so many of us suffer with. I have had fibro. for 9 yrs now and have lots of other big health problems to. I am totally disabled and have been now for about 4 yrs. We really need this message board to help keep each other uplifted during the really bad times. So give the soap a try and if it sounds crazy, just don't tell anyone until you see if it works. Then if it works, please let me and others here know. I look forward to hearing from you. Sniffles
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    I am going to put the soap under my sheet tonight! I let yall know how it works.
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    bump for doxy
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    You are not crazy, because I know a few people who do this religiously, and swear by it! My friend told me that her mother-in-law told her about it, and she has been doing it ever since (about 5 years). She says it has stopped her leg cramps, as well as her husbands. But I never heard not to use particular brands! What's the reason for that? Just curious...