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  1. srs7874

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    Do those of you with leg pain find that you have more pain above or below the knee? Is it constant or more like shooting pains that come and go? What do you find helps the pain? Thanks
  2. NyroFan

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    I make sure I drink lots of milk and use quite a bit of salt. I believe that these are essential for helping the leg pains.

  3. glenda2

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    i have leg pain in both legs but it is constant in my left leg everyday in the whole leg. it just aches deep down to the bone all the time. makes it hard to walk. i do get shooting pains also.
  4. butterfly83

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    I have a lot of leg pain at the joint of my knee, and down the front of my leg.

    I've talked to my doctor about it and we're trying to find a good solution. Right now it involves taking a hot bath and gently stretching my legs every night, I use menthol rub and heating pads (but you can only use them for 30 minutes at a time), and at night, when the pain is worst, I am using a combo of Soma and Mirapex. It's all contributing to making them feel better, and letting me live with the pain, but it doesn't go away. I try to be careful about staying on my feet for too long.
  5. butterfly83

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    Oh and I forgot I take supplements too - Iron (anemia can sometimes cause leg cramps), and Malic Acid/Magnesium combo.
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    I have pretty chronic leg pain. It definately includes my knees but is very bad throughout my calves & ankles & feet. I find a hot bath temporarily relieves the pain, but Percocet is the only thing that takes most of it away. About 1 year ago I had two blood clots, one an inch above the knee & one an inch below. I did damage the valves permanantly, so will always experience pain in that area although it is a different pain. That area feels like poison had been injected into my viens. I do wear support hose(20-30 pressure) which I find helps as well. Most insurance will cover these, but might require you get a higher strength. Worth a try, I hope that helps. Take Care, Laura