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    Both my legs ache and feeled bruised....is this Fibro ? I also heard Fibroids adn cyst could cause this (which I also have ) and I do have arthritis in knees.....is there a doctor on this site with a vitamin protocol for Fibromyliga ?
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    To answer your question, ProHealth does not provide doctors on any of these boards, so you are only speaking with other members that are regular people like you.

    You are posting on both the Fibro and Health Boards here. No one on either board here can tell you for sure that you have Fibro. That is something a doctor will have to diagnose you with after examining you in person, and after obtaining some history from you.

    You posted last week here on the Health Board stating you would be seeing your doctor last Friday. You're asking if your leg pain could be fibro and I can only tell you that we don't have any doctors here and instead refer you back to your doctor's visit of two days' ago.

    What did your doctor tell you when you were there two days ago and what is s/he doing to help you or refer you to a specialist to help you? Did you ask any questions of your doctor about your legs and hands and then ask about fibro? Did you explain to your doctor the problems with your legs and hands?
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