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  1. Trixie

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    I have been experiencing moderate to severe pain in both my
    legs, worse in my right leg, for approximately 7 yrs now. I have seen a dozen doctors, been to 2 different pain clinics, seen 2 different chiropractors, tried half the drug store, without any relief. I have been told so many different stories of what could be causing this pain, till I don't know if I could believe the truth if I heard it. I just want to know if anyone out there has pain like mine and if they have been diagnosed with anything. I'm tired, beat, depressed, at my wits end and really just don't know what else to do. I need help, and don't know where else to go. So here goes....the pain feels like a cross between stabbing and squeezing type pressure, from my hips to my toes. The worst pain is in my thighs, which travels through my knees, down the back part of my lower legs. Sitting with my weight on my legs causes more pain, so does continous walking, kneeling, standing for long periods of time. If anyone has this problem.....PLEASE.....respond to this. I feel like I am the only person on earth who has this problem.
  2. karen55

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    an MRI? You could have compression on spinal nerves from herniated disks or any number of things. Another thought is a circulatory problem. I know there are members of this board with medical knowledge, so hopefully one of them will see this post. These are the only 2 serious things that come to mind here, only because of personal experience. I know there are also some members with spinal stenosis (hope I'm getting that right).

    I've had 2 ruptured disks in my back and the pain went down my butt, into my thigh and calf, and into my foot each time. Sitting or standing for a while, or lying in certain positions made it worse, even unbearable. It was sharp, stabbing, deep, burning and tingling pain. My mom has had surgeries for venous problems and her legs would give her so much pain she could not walk.

    Sorry I'm not much help. I think you need a doctor who will run some extensive tests on you for a diagnosis. I wish you luck.

  3. Trixie

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    Thank you for replying. But unfortunately of all the doctors that I have seen since this pain began, not one of them have done any type of tests, including xrays of any kind. But I was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia. The biggest response that I have gotten is that Fibormyalgia is causing the pain. I just get this gut feeling that something else is wrong. A few of the doctors felt that I'm just after the pain pills, which is not true. I also have an unbalanced metabolism where certain medicines causes me more problems. I just want to know what is causing this, maybe if I knew the cause....I could deal with it better. I feel like my life has come to a complete stand-still. Anyway, thank you so much for the reply. It helps just to know someone cares a little.
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    Do you have health insurance? If you do, and you can't see or can't get a referral to another doc, possibly a neurologist, if I were you, I'd go to the ER and completely describe your pain just as you did above. I find it ludicrous that no xrays or other tests have been run on you, yet you have a FM diagnosis. Usually you get a dx of FM after pretty much everything else has been ruled out. You could have something going on that could be corrected, or at the very least helped. I am fairly new to this board, but I'm sure others here may have some advice to offer you, or recommendations for docs or treatments. I feel for you. I've had surgery twice for ruptured disks and my neurosurgeon wouldn't give me anything stronger than ultram or darvocet for pain. I no longer see this doc since he was unwilling to accept the fact that just because he *fixed the machine*, it still wasn't working properly. You really need another doc and testing. Don't give up!

  5. Trixie

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    Yes, I have BC ins., ins. no problem. I don't understand it either. I feel like I am a walking gold mine for doctors, with this mystery pain I have, they could do all sorts of tests. I have been to the ER several times when the pain got to be too much to bear, I explained just the same and they just gave me a shot and sent me home.
    My husband did make me an appointment with a bone specialist. We decided to start with one area of my body and just keep going to specialists till we find one that knows what to do. I go Jan. 7th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I hope that this will be the one. If not....lets just say I hope they make coo-coo cages in my size, cause I don't think I can go another year like this and keep my sanity.
  6. karen2002

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    I agree totally with the advice Karen gave you--More investigation is needed. A Fibro DX should come about after other possibilities are excluded. I am amazed that imaging has not been done in the seven year time frame, you have experienced these symptoms. I think perhaps it is time you insist on it. If the bone special is unwilling, find another physician who will. Ask him to give you a referral to a neurologist. Do not let up, be relentless. Insist that you want xrays and a MRI. I have found in my quest for wellness, that it is not always beneficial to mention a dx of fibro. It tends to give them an easy out--and they fall back on that, not wanting to do the extra work necessary to look for other causitive factors.
    If it were me, I would go in, present my symptoms, stating that they had been ongoing for 7 years duration, and that I would like imaging done, and blood test to check for any inflammatory processes that may be taking place, to get to the source of the problem. Period.
    Best wishes,
    Karen (too :)
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  7. marcus1243

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    It's unusual to have leg pain in isolation. Most FM'ers will complain of pain everywhere, with some spots worse than others. This sounds like neuropathic pain, possibly caused by nerve compression in the spine (is the pain equal in both legs?). MRI imaging of the lumbar spine is strongly warranted here, I would say. Do you have any motor problems, weakness, or bladder issues? Those would again be suggestive of insult to the spinal nerves. Please press for answers -- going privately if necessary.
  8. Betsy2

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    My swelling and pain in legs started two years ago. My doctor sent me to an Internal Medicine doctor who sent me to the cardiology department in the hospital to have a EKG and a few other tests done on my heart. The cardiologists found nothing nor did the Internal Medicine doctor. I was advised to lose weight (as if I didn't realize it). My PCP decided to try Levoxyl (water pills) along with potassium and this seem to aleviate the problem. My rheaumatologist said she felt it was some sort of surface small artery problem that wasn't life threatening. The water pills have helped me. As long as I remember to take them twice a day then I am fine. If I don't, then I suffer the consequences.

  9. Stormy214

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    I can't believe what I am reading! Your doctor(s) sound like they need a refresher course or something. I have FM, and (this is a hard thing to say!) that is ALL that's wrong with me; I have no other health issues, and still I have had every medical test known to mankind before I got that diagnosis...and I think the doctors even thought up a few new ones to torture me. Since you have insurance, I'd beat down the door of every doctor until you find one who will listen. My sister was having severe problems with her legs for years that gradually grew so bad she couldn't take more than a few steps without having to stop and rest. Eventually they discovered (at the Mayo clinic) that one of her kidneys was undersized and there was something wrong with one of her renal arteries that was restricting the blood flow to her legs. Her doctors here were looking for a leg problem where there wasn't one. She had surgery to correct the artery problem, and is really making a comeback. Don't stop screaming until someone hears you. I hope you find some relief, Trixie....and you are not alone.
  10. joannie1

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    I know your flusteration. I suffer from the severe leg pain also. BUT, you definetely need x-rays and/or an MRI done. it is rediculous how these Doctors do their own "assumptions" without using the wonderful new and improved tools out there to detect and rule out other things. I would be insistant to see a good back surgeon. Not that you need surgery but Ortho's and Neurosurgeons are more apt to ordering these tests then a regular pain specialist or a GP. Good luck and do NOT allow them to just assume. it is your body and you deserve to have everything ruled out.
    I have always been told if your gut is telling you something is wrong your probably right. You know your body better then anyone else.
    Best of luck.
  11. LisaMay

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    What a pain in the butt. LOL. For the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing a burning sensation that runs from the sole of my foot, up the back of entire leg, straight into my butt. To top it off, it has now gone into my other leg as well. I walk like an old lady. I haven't found anything that makes it stop hurting, but elevating my legs for 15 minutes throughout the day, upping some of my meds, and quiet mind time seems to help some. I get so sick of new symptoms creeping up on me. My hubby thinks it's due to stress from the holidays, etc. I have done a lot of running around these last few weeks. I'll present this to my Rheumy on 1/15. I get sick and tired calling in new things; it makes me feel like a hypocondriac. Hopefully it will have subsided by then.

    You are not alone on this. Keep smiling! Lisa
  12. Trixie

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    Thank you all so much for the replies. I do plan to keep searching for an answer. I go to the bone specialist on Jan. 7th. You're right...I shouldn't bring up the fibro part. Seven yrs is a very long time to live in pain. But now, I can distinguish my fibro from the leg pain. So hopefully I won't get the two mixed when I tell the doctor. I know my family doc wants me to have another nerve block, which the last one really did help. I actually went almost a yr without leg pain. But I don't want to have it done because I feel like I may be covering up a serious problem.
    Some one asked if the pain is equal in both legs, no, my right leg is worse. I have very little back pain. No butt pain. Pain starts at the beginning of my thighs. Starts in the front and sides of my thighs, travels to my knees where it feels like it goes through my knees to the back of my legs and then down the back part. It feels like a cross between stabbing and squeezing. But the wierdest part is the way that it feels like it shoots from the inside to the outside and shoots back into my legs. Its like a boomarang effect. If I sit or squat (with my legs bent), it is all I can do to stand back up, now there's the agonizing pain.
    Anyway, that just about sums it up. I'm only 41, I have 2 children who are grown now. I should really be living my life now, I try. I work full time, 40-60 hrs wk. I feel I'm getting good at ignoring the pain, but sometimes it really drains me. Other times I feel like life may be over for me. Sometimes I feel so much pain with fibro and leg pain that it plays tricks on me to the point I feel like death may be knocking on my door. I'm not suicidal. Least not yet. I've always been a fighter in life. But somtimes I feel this is one battle I may not win. So, thanks for all the replys. I was really amazed at how fast I got the replys. NOw if I could just find a doc who responds this fast. Wooohooo.....let the search begin.