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  1. moma

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    does anyone have pain in their calves (all the time) and does anyone have it where one leg drags when they walk with fibromyalgia? doctors are checking me out about it at Cleveland Clinic. I am on so many meds and nothing seems to help! I get so depressed sometimes. Well, I guess who doesn't with fibromyalgia huh?
  2. Annette2

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    Welcome to this Board. I also have fibromyalgia, but I don't have the problem with pain in my calves or my leg dragging. What type of doctor are you seeing? I lived in Cleveland in the 70's - my husband went to Case Western Reserve University and I worked at University Hospitals in the Dept. of Medicine (I was a secretary). I've heard wonderful things about the Cleveland Clinic. I'm sure someone here will be able to help you with your question. I know it's hard to have FMS. I get depressed about it too sometimes. This weather certainly isn't helping. I live in Indiana and we've been having cold weather and snow. I remember how cold it got in Cleveland. I just hope the doctors can help you!

  3. pondcomet

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    I have the pain you describe..in my calves and so many other places...and I also drag my left leg. After being checked out for MS (which was ruled out by MRI), I can tell I've been classified as a psychosomatic...and nothing really helps...I sincerely hope you get helped at the Cleveland Clinic. Let us know. Sorry to be such a bummer.
  4. ozgran

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    have a lot of constant pain in the calves of my legs and yes it is there most of the time. Can't say my leg drags but I certainly can't walk too far or for too long just now or the legs feel weak and want to give out. My calves even ache when I am in bed and drive me crazy some nights.Hugs Ozgran
  5. karen55

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    Do you have any herniated disks or other problems with any nerves? When are you getting checked out?
  6. debbiem31

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    I don't have pain just in my calves (it's everywhere!!). I do have DDD, which pinches my sciatic nerve. I drag my leg and foot when I'm in a flare.
  7. ma-moo1

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    my left calf hurts me all the time but i is unbearable @ night and it's weired when it's massaged it is so tender i come unglued,needless to say I don't sleep much and icy hot is my best friend,FMS is a mean little booger.
  8. LadyDragon

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    I have severe leg pain when off my meds. Calves are the worst, and they feel like they weigh 100 lbs. each. The medication I take (Lortab and Soma)helps. I also lift weights. Use heating pads wrapped around each calf when it gets really bad. Luckily I have children who can play gofers....lol
    gentle ((((hugs)))))
  9. kerrymygirl

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    I am originally from cleveland,strongsville when I left. I have constant pain all over arms and hands worse now, but legs have been pretty bad and find my self limping or dragging to get by. About the clinic it used to be the worst place to go for fm. They did not believe at all until the head of the clinic`s wife, I hear, came down with very severe fm. So good luck now. Take care,. keep us posted. One thing I noticed I may have pain all over, may not notice when one area is sooo much more painful, then that is the area seems to take over even though I have pain everywhere, funny, I`d laugh right now but I can`t sleep from the pain and too tired too.
  10. starstella

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    I was at a point when my calf pain was bad, also had a lot of pain on the tops of my feet,and I felt like my left leg was numb when walking, it never dragged, but I felt that I was heading that way. I was found to have lumber disk problems. I was surprised, my back really didn't bother me. Have had a lot of PT and chiropractic, my symptoms are much improved. For me, the calf pain was a result of trigger points developing in my legs. Massage of the legs got the worst of them out, but I still have some doozies. My PT suggested I roll my calves over a rolling pin. It does help! Hope you find relief.
  11. sugar_crystal

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    I live in Houston, but it's been a cold winter and my legs hurt constantly, especially the left. Over the years, when I put my left foot down, I don't always know where it is and have broken my left ankle three times, the first time when I was twelve.

    Why is it all on the left side? My pain therapist wants to try me on Viagra (no, I am female) because it was originally formulated to dilate blood vessels. The men just got a bigger kick out of it and now insurance won't cover it. It's $20.00 a pill!

    But to answer, yes, both my legs hurt (my arms and hands too) to the point that I have to get up and move around every few minutes..plays havoc with sleep.

    Good Luck,
  12. PAT

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    My new doc asked what my number one complaint is with the FM,and without hesitation I said the leg pain. I just started weaning myself off of Neurontin, I guess I didn't realize how much it was helping. I woke up this morning and my legs hurt so so bad, I could hardly get up. I had taken my personal limit of pain pills today, and actually took an extra dose, which is very rare for me.
    I don't know what the answer is, I may try the Neurontin again. I am gaining weight though, and I just can't stand that.
    I am very fortunate that I don't have the resless leg thing very often. Only when I am pregnant. But I wish I didn't have the horrible leg pain. I love to have massages done, but my calves are so sensitive to touch, they have to be handled carefully. Patti G