Leg pains worse and worse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nightngale, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. nightngale

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    What is happening? Does fibro get worse. after 10 years all of a sudden my legs are hurting worse and worse, in all different and new places. Always been the worst pain area. I used to take tramadol occasionally, then every day, now several times a day. They have been hurting for 24 hours!And the tramadol is not working at all, just all of a sudden! I was watching my granddaughter last night, I still have to try she is only 3 and as usual she woke up at 4:30 and I had to go sleep with her and then didn't really sleep and was exhausted. But lately been exhausted and feeling worse and worse even with sleep. My mental state is pretty bad too. Due to family problems. I feel like I'm going to crack! I have huge bags under my eyes and oh crap its just a pain in the neck and back now too! I am sick and tired of feeling like this. THe only diffent med I have been on is Spiriva its a med for COPD but its been several monthe. Maybe its menopause too? YUCK>
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    My legs are killing me also. I take ultram and it helps alot. My feet burn badly also. I understand how you feel I hope that helps some....

    My Dr, wrote me a script for Lyrica but Ive been to scared to try it...have you tried it?
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  4. 2bornot2b

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    I've had a "flare up" for about one month now. I have severe cramps in my legs, back, arms and neck. I've had a lot of relief from taking zanaflex and ultram. Hot baths help also. I have a great doctor who knows alot about different meds for fibro. I also have multiple sclerosis and that doesn't help. Sleep is really important in order to recouperate. I also went to my OBGYN to start hormone therapy. I've read that menopause makes fibro worse due to lack of hormones! Hang in there!
  5. nightngale

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    Thank you everyone! I feel a bit better today after catching up some zzzzz's and popping the ultram. I forced myself to go to a little party with my hubs for a co worker retirement. It was actually kinda fun to be away from my poor gloomy son. And I shopped a bit for grand daughters party. I just think I need to sleep a whole day away, then I feel so guilty and I just want to do things. Maybe I need hormones. Well I will be going to new rheumy next week with list of problems. Look out here I come!

    Take care,

  6. nightngale

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    I did try the lyrica I think it made my anxiety worse. I am not good with meds and have tried so many, and cannot tolerate most. I would not be afraid to try a small dose, yuu can always stop, and I have heard it helps some people alot. I do have anxiety problems though and most meds make it worse.
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    Yes I've had intense leg pains too lately. I feel for you. I have cramping in my calves, burning on the sides of my feet, my feet feel some days like I am wearing shoes that are too small for me..I do a lot of stooping and bending at work and this really aggravates my situation. Also, standing at work for 8 hours kills my legs and feet! Again, massage from hubby has been really helpful in relaxing these areas. Do your ankles crack too and hurt?
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    I was just thinking that wow even my ankles hurt, and my knees crack but the worst pain is in the "soft flabby" part of my upper legs,like my feet always feel like they are on fire and my shoes are too tight. I actually have some shoes made by Ryka that are like slip on sketchers that are the only ones I can wear now. I mustve tried on 50 pairs of shoes and I could tell with most right away i would not be aable to wear. Its like my muscles where I sit hurt and its so irratating. And this week feels like a tight rubber band of pain all down my back of legs to knee. Hamstring? And on sides of knees and inside of legs and EVERYWHERE!
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    I have to hop on the leg pain bus here. I've never had such neurologia pain before. Bees are buzzing in my feet and they are burning. Legs are always achy and hurting and I can never stay on them long. Must be a different front coming thru because my pain in my right knee really hurts and they are as bad as they can get. I die when I wear even comfortable dress shoes. It's always had to been running or walking shoes for me! I tried one of my last oxycodones and it didn't do anything for the pain.

    Hope you get some relief and feel better.
  10. what i have found with my leg pain is..

    the area at the back of the knees, where guiders and things are,well its always swollen and tight in my legs.its the same in the feet and hands.

    i also have a swelling in my wrists and ankles.its a different kind of swelling to that sort that people with fluid retention get.

    my old doctor thought the wrist swelling was a dropped muscle,but a pain management nurse looked at the swellings i have and said this..

    the swelling is inflamation of the tendons in your fingers and toes.

    i dont know why my buttocks are strained easily,ive become slimmer since working part time.

    but i do get a swelling at the base of my spine,my mum used to get it too.it comes,and goes.and is always present if ive been on my feet too long,and of course during the fibro flares.

    i dont know what is in a spine,you know at the bottom of the spine,but its obvious to me that whatever is in there,its suffering from some sort of inflamation,that radiates down my legs.

    kind regards
  11. acheallover

    acheallover New Member

    I have been on Lyrica for over 5 months. It has improved my leg pain dramatically. I usually take 75mg. late morning, and then 75mg. at bedtime. It also helps with sleep. I also take trammadol 1-2x day, as well. Lyrica was originally used for neuropathy, for diabetes, but has recently been acknowledged for fibro pain, especially nerve involvement. Good luck, I know how awful you can feel when your pain is out of control!!

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