Leg tremors, weakness anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AuntieLou51, May 5, 2003.

  1. AuntieLou51

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    I have had fibro for 7yrs now. I am doing much better because of my meds. However, for the past two years I have had severe weakness, burning, electrical shocks at times and always tremors in my lower abdomen and legs. It is really bothersome. The more I try to walk, the more severe the symptoms are. I know that no two fibro cases are the same, but does anyone else have these symptoms? Was just checked for vascular disease, but everything is ok. Thanks!
  2. scoobydoo

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    I don't have this in my abdomen but I do have it in my legs. This is the reason I went to the Doc when I was diagnosed with FMS a few yrs ago.

    It's especially bad when I squat down, it looks like my legs are having convulsions. Not a pleasant feeling! :(

    My Doc didn't have much of an explanation as to the why except muscle weakness due to lack of excercise. That didn't explain the shooting pain but you know how Doc's are!!

    I'm now taking neurontin and that seems to be helping some. I've only been on it a short time but so far so good.

    I prob haven't helped much but just know you're not alone!!

    Soft ((((((HUGS))))))


    P.S. I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful info on this site. This is the most supportive and informative site I've found!!

  3. MemoryLane

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    What meds are you taking? Some of your symptoms, like the tremors are side-effects of certain drugs, especially anti-depressants.

    Wishing you well,
  4. Jackie41

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    I've had muscle twitching in my legs when I overdo it. I don't know if it's the same thing as what you've experinced. I certainly know about the leg weakness. For me, the fibro started about one and one half years ago( at age 28) After only a few months I began using a cane. After a few more months, I went to two canes, and for the last 7 months I've been using the forearm canes ( the kind with the cuffs). I've had a thorough neuro workup which turned up nothing, so it must be the fibro. I don't man to worry you. Very few fibro patients end up on crutches, although, judging from the posts on this board, quite a few could benefit from using thm part time for long distances.
  5. moonflowercat

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    I've had FMS for 11 years, and I have weakness in the legs too, also the burning along with muscle rigidity in the legs when I walk, bend, squat or do whatever for too long. I also have the abdominal muscle spasms you talked about, not sure what brings them on.

    Brenda :eek:)
  6. clueless

    clueless New Member

    The burning in my legs and feet are the first things I had.I also had electrical pains shooting down my legs and out my toes (very painful ) I had surgery for some spurs on the spine which helped the electrical pains some what but the burning has stayed with me. Some times it feels as if I had them immersed in boiling water. Nerve pain is one of the worst and was the reason the pain specialist gave me neurontin and oxycontin.Hope you get some help!!
  7. Nowheregirl16171

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    I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 weeks ago. Before I was diagnosed, I was trying to get my doctor to realize that something was wrong, but she refused to realize it. My joints hurt, my muscles hurt, my back and neck hurt, my index finger and thumb hurt, and I had muscle spasms throughout the day, but my tests were still coming back negative for any autoimmune disseases and they said nothing was wrong with me. They said that I hurt because I was stressed. They put me on Flexapro and Celebrex, but it didnt work. I then saw a different doctor. She put me on muscle relaxers at night and it still didnt help. I went to see another doctor the other day, and she put me on Sulindac, Amitriptylin, Methocarbam, Flexapro, but took me off Celebrex. So far I feel better. I am able to stay at school, where as before, I was missing 2 and 3 days a week and now my grades are down.Ask your doctor about Methocarbam for the spasms. It works for me.

  8. Raany

    Raany New Member

    One of my friend was suffering from severe weakness in her joints, leg tremors as a result of taking strong medication
    for fibro. She was a sports teacher and a basket ball coach at a High School. Due to her sickness, she couldn't continue with her profession. Lately, I was surprised when received a call from her telling me about this extraordinary all natural powder she is drinking with shakes called Biochoice Immune26. She said one of her docs recommended her and after taking it for 2 weeks...she felt as if she is living a new life. The sufferings were gone and she has also quit taking all her medications. She wants to tell the whole world about it.
  9. friendtoo

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    Hi I read your message about your legs, mine are the same!!!! First I can't stop moving them, but they feel so acky, and I do have times where walking is harder. I use a lot of heat to help relieve the pain. I try to do swimming three times a week, and even sometimes push myself even further (i usually pay for this.) and walk or ride a bike. I am trying to push my leg muscles to be stronger, I thought that might help(??). Its hard to do but I want to get them feeling better, anything that doesn't cost a whole bundle of money for help, I will try. I suffer afterwards but hoping i get used to it. Can someone push there body to make it stronger and then there will be less pain??????

    Does this sound the same as your legs. I hate the most the pain, and the neverending moving legs. I just can not keep them still.

    Does your Doctor say this is part of the DD?
  10. jee

    jee New Member


    I just hate the twitching. Some are normal but I have gotten the ones that feel like an electric shock. I've been told it is common with fibromyalgia but it does stink.
    Something that may help is Vit. E. It is good for the circulation and may help the legs. Good luck
  11. baybe

    baybe New Member

    Seems like symptoms go in cycles. At one time the leg twitching and weakness, were the worst part of the fibro. I went through trying to figure it all out, as doctors, aren't of much service in my opinion. One thing I realized was that the weakness would come on and be complete I could hardly walk down the steps, but other times I could climb ladders and walk around just fine. This realization freed me from the guilt trip of maybe if I exercised and strengthened my muscles I'd be ok. The cyclical nature of the weakness and tremors showed it had nothing to do with muscle tone. I can only guess that somehow the message isn't getting through to my muscles as to what I want them to do. This happens to my feet also, sometimes the ankles are weak and the bottoms of my feet feel like knives are being driven into them. Then poof , gone again.
    Good luck Auntie, and keep asking questions even if the solution may not be evident at least you can have some piece of mind.
  12. dsames

    dsames New Member

    I too have burning in my legs, and the bottom of my feet.
    When I talked to my dr. about it, he put me on elavil at bedtime, which helps about 95% of the time. Sometimes, I get breakthru problems with it.

    I know how bad you feel. Maybe elavil could help you.

    Good luck
  13. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member


    I have this and it goes up my legs and into my buttocks, back and stomach. It is awful.
    My Dr. said it was most likely Restless Leg Syndrome. The only thing that helps me is taking tylenol with codeine and a hot bath 30 minutes before bedtime. I would be sleepless and crazy by now without this.
    My best to you.
  14. basket21

    basket21 New Member

    I too have had fibro for 7 years. I used one cane for a few years to help. Suddenly last July I could not walk without using two canes!My legs ached so I had to give up driving even.
    Figure safe than sorry.
    Last month I asked my family doctor about getting a leg exercise program before I ended up in a wheelchair. I tried exercises I found on the web but it was not really helping.
    He arranged for a physiotherapist to come to my home once a week. As I was homebound it was free and paid for by the government. The exercises I am learning from her are wonderful.
    Almost once a week I write in my calendar datetimer about a task I can now do that I couldn't do anymore.
    Back to your question. She said as we get worse and doing certain things becomes extremely painful, we stop using those muscles ie our lower back and hips become so painful we favor them. The large muscle attached to our hips runs down the front of our thigh and is attached to the knee. It starts to seize up as well. Hence the pain in our legs.
    It all makes sense. She said I must do these exercises every day forever due to my FM.
    It's nice to finally know why this happens.
    Regards, basket21
  15. kezza_nottm

    kezza_nottm New Member

    i used to suffer from severe twiching in my legs but it has calmed down quite a bit now.
  16. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    to moonflowercats description. dolsgirl
  17. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hi AuntieLou, I had RLS and hurting, burning feet, badly, used to wake me up at night.

    I take Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for deep sleep.

    Since taking these two supplements, I don't have any problems with this anymore.

    Most people with FM are deficient in magnesium, which heals our muscles while we sleep, and is also a natural tranquilizer.

    YOu can read about both supplements at the 'Store' link at the top of this board. They have been a life saver for me.

    Again, welcome to all of you...........

    Shalom, Shirl
  18. AuntieLou51

    AuntieLou51 New Member

    I thank each of you who responded to my posting. I have tried Neurontin--could not handle side-effects--could not drive or work while on even a small dose. Cannot take Celebrex either. I am taking the Elavil in a high dose at night so that I sleep and can continue working without the 24hr flu-like symptoms and stabbing pain. Elavil has really helped me there. I have been taking other prescription meds and also Vit E, C and a multiple for some time for heart, lung, intestinal disease, as well as an immune deficiency disease. I am taking Paxil and since the tremors began two to three months after, I thought this might be the cause of the tremors. Since I have other chronic health conditions for which I take meds, I must be careful in what I mix. I don't feel the need to move my legs as in restless leg syndrom. Although I work in an office, I am in and out of my office throughout the day. I force myself to walk, but some days are really bad. The leg muscles are strong. Cannot do mild weight lifting or high impact exercise due to bakers cyst behind knee and another type of knee disease at present. Specialized physical therapy is now scheduled for this. Thank you all again!