Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill

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    Below is the Table of Contents, as well as the web site, to read the 50-page, very informative document entitled "Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill" and is about advanced care planning. It is from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and has so much useful information.

    Table of Contents

    Acknowledgements 2
    Using This Guide 3
    Step 1. Plan How to Pay for the Health Care You Need 4
    Step 2. Make a Plan to Manage Your Health and Personal Decisions 14
    Step 3. Make a Plan to Manage Your Money and Property 20
    Step 4. Plan for the Care of Dependents 30
    Step 5. Know Your Rights As a Patient 34
    Step 6. Know Your Rights As an Employee 41
    Step 7. Get Your Legal Documents in Order 46
    Conclusion 49
    Appendix: Finding Legal Help 50

    Safe Web Site to read all of the info above: