Legs ache too much and body too tired and Hard to sleep

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Mom is getting better and I left her for a while to go support my pain doctor in court. But now my legs are throbbing. And screaming in PAIN. I really hate this feeling. I am just so tired both mentally and phyically.

    I talked with my Mom and I will be helping her as much as I can but I am not spending any more nights at her house. She seems to be getting better but still weak and not feeling so great , a bit dizzy as well . But over all she is so much better now....

    But now it is her back that is hurting her so much . Shd has a compression fracture in T12 and then rhemuitisium{SP} really bad in her back and it is hurting alot. So she is taking her pain meds Lortab 10's and then just rest alot.

    I am the one who needs to keep an eye on her and stay with her for most of the day so the she can rest and get her mind set back. She is not as dizzy but in her mind she still is. So she has to make her self do things like walking and moving around more.

    I asked if she wanted me to stay over night and she said NO!! I don't need a baby sitter. When I am there with her I tend to tell her that she needs to drink lots of fluids. And she hates me telling her what to do.

    WE talked a while to day and she does understand that I am in more pain than normal for me. And my left knee is still throbbing. And I have no clue as to what to do about the pain in it...

    I guess that I will wait a couple of days and rest it. I really hate this Fibro stuff and all that comes along with it. I don't like it that family does not get it that when I don't get good sleep I am not worth much. I just want some help with MOM and I am not getting any help from any one...

    I knew when this flare started and I don't think it will go away quickly this time as I am too tired and in so much pain and I don't get enough sleep and rest. I am so sleepy but when i go to bed my eye's just POP open. And stay that way.

    I am still worried about my Mom feeling so rotten and this dizziness taking so long to go away. But I know that she has had so many tests and they can't find why she is so dizzzy. But I worry that they could have missed something although I really don't know what it could be. I just want her to feel better and be albe to walk better and feel like she is getting better .

    Right now she is really getting depressed, she is a person who does not like to ask for help or need help to do the daily things in her life and now she needs help just to get in the shower and because I don't have the energy to help her into the shower she is not getting one any time soon and I do feel bad about that. But I have pushed my body till it is just pushing back and yelling at me to STOP IT and let me rest. NOW>.

    Having my pain doctor haveing legal problems from women who were denied pain meds and now say that he was inapproite with them and he is not the kind that even sits near you when he see's you.

    He is so good with his patients and has helped so many of them that when he is in court there are some where between 100 + patients there supporting him.

    Yes I know that any one can be sexual assualted but the women who have made the charges are both addicted to meth. Both have had to have blood and urine tests done and they don't show any opiates in them but they have a high meth levels. So that makes their claims weaker.

    I was in court to day and one of the women who is the alledged victim called the doctors wife a Bit$% in court and I know that the deputies heard her say it and I hope that she gets called on it....

    I am just hoping that he is going to be ok and that all that I as a patient have been told aboaut what has happened is true. I hope that he will be found not guilty. But one never knows in this kind of cases.

    So I have that added stress in knowing that he could lose the case and go to jail and lose his lienese as well.And the 500+ patients will all have to find new pain doctors that are willing to treat us with pain meds like we are taking now. So I feel like my world is just upside down and turend around as well.

    Well I am going to go to bed now and try to sleep and rest for a while.

    Please pray that the truth will be found for my pain doctor and that what I have been told is what really has happened.
    Thanks for letting me vent and whine at you all,
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    I feel sorry for your pain doctor and hope the best for him. It is ashamed a couple of people can cause him so much trouble.

    It is very nice of you to take care of your mother, especially when you are not well yourself. She is lucky to have you.

    I know it is hard to see your mom getting older and ill. My mom is now close to 91 and in a nursing home. It is very painful. Mentally she is very clear.

    I wish I could afford to hire full time caregivers. At this time we have extra help 4 hours a day.

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