Legs buckling underneath me then shaking, help!

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    Not very sure what is wrong with me, but very scared. I used to be a very fit athlete and would do a lot of training, running nearly every day, sometimes cycling swimming and running all in one day. However something began to start happening which has ruined everything, when I ran my legs would just stop, it was so weird, I would have to walk as they would simple not physically go. This got worse and worse, initially I thought it might have been an exhaustion thing or blood sugar thing, so started paying attention to my diet to eliminate this possibility. This got progressively worse, I had to stop running. Now even walking up the stairs quickly triggers it off, after attempting light exercise on an exercise bike today, my legs stopped after 5 minutes, when I got off I could not walk and literally flopped to the floor, my legs then started shaking. I am really scared that I have something very wrong with me. I had to lay down for half an hour before attempting to walk again. An hour and a half later I am fine and moving around but I am worried that I will never be able to exercise again or it might get worse and will happen to me when I am just doing normal things like shopping etc. Anyone got any ideas what it could be?

    I have been to the doctor, they have done blood tests but found nothing. I am 18 years old and this is a time when I need to focus on my a levels not worry about my health....Sorry to sound so self pitiful, but would be good if anyone has any suggestions what it could be. Right now I'm stuck in limbo land.

    Oh and its not to do with running, I have now not been able to run for a couple of months because my limbs just won't support me after about two minutes. If I had achey joints or muscles then I might think it was something to do with running, but they dont ache, they just won't go.
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    ProHealth does not provide any doctors or medical specialists to diagnose or help and I think you are way past the point of where you should have seen a doctor. I suggest you stop everything and get into a doctor fast for a full physical and blood work including testosterone and all hormones. If he/she cannot find anything, he may send you on to a neurologist for full testing and evaluation.

    Many years ago a boyfriend of mine hurt his foot running. But he refused to stop running and continued to run. Eventually he caused more damage by the time he could no longer run and finally went to a doctor. If he had only stopped and saw a doctor right away at the beginning, he would not have created so much more damage. As your legs have finally reached the point of buckling underneath you--I'm hoping that somewhere inside of you an alarm is going off that you should stop everything and get to a doctor. Good luck and take care.

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    I see you edited your post to add the material about seeing the doctor and blood tests. Again, remember we are simply members here and aren't doctors and no one can diagnose you over the internet so all we can do is urge you to see different types of specialists.

    You didn't mention what type of doctor you went to.

    I want to offer a strong suggestion that you obtain copies of all blood work results and the results of any other tests that were run on you (like MRI, x-ray, etc.) You want them because then you have them to review yourself (and you can look up words on the internet). Plus you then have them to let specialists copy them for their files.

    Check the blood work results to see if they checked you for B-12 level. B-12 at a very low level may lead to incredible fatigue and that happened to me. I was found to have pernicious anemia where my body doesn't absorb B-12 from foods or vitamin pills. So I had to have shots by the doctor every week for a while, then changed to once a month and it will have to be for the rest of my life. It does happen to some people, usually much older than you, but it's worth seeing if they checked that out on your blood test results.

    A neurologist would be a good specialist to see and he could test to check electrical impulses running down your legs and arms and usually has that machine right in his office. I had that test done when I was having pain and problems with my hand--turned out it was carpal tunnel and the electrical impulse test showed that.

    Due to a fall, I now have spine injuries and use an electric scooter when outside of the home. I try very hard to walk inside the home and have one leg that is getting weaker and gives out at times and I fall--there is no pain associated with that leg. Lately I will feel a "buzzing" at the base of that foot as though an electrical appliance was running heavy near me and the buzzing goes through the floor--but there is no appliance running. I see the neurologist next week and he will be made aware of this and will probably arrange for various testing to gauge what is happening.

    Years ago I began to have difficulty walking and it got so bad I was using a cane. My doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon and it turned out that my spine vertebrae (bones in my back) were compressing nerves in my back and I had to have surgery. It was successful.

    My friend's young husband began with weakness, then with some trembling and it turned out he is at the very early stages of Parkinson's and even at the early stage he is having some tremors. They are both upset and trying to deal with this and understand it all. But it took specialists in order to determine this.

    It takes you not giving up and taking copies of the blood tests and any other test results to various specialists until you get answers. Many times the general doctors are not knowledgeable enough to figure out more difficult cases. Also, write up/type up your symptoms for the specialist so you are not trying to remember everything at your visit. AND write up all medications, supplements, vitamins (including any body building stuff you might have been using including testosterone, steroids, etc.).

    Good luck and I hope you get this resolved.
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    Thanks for the advice. Seemingly I will have to start doing some detective work myself, I am going for a second consultation on Monday and hoping that they will refer me to a neurologist. Its good to hear some advice from someone as no one else I have spoken to has given me such clear advice.
  5. TwoCatDoctors

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    I am with an HMO that has to provide a referral in order for me to see specialists (I think you may have the same thing). Sometimes the general doctor doesn't want to provide the referral and may try to "wait and see."

    Except that isn't acceptable with all things. Point out that your legs are buckling underneath you (and explain whether it does it with pain or without pain) and state it's time for a referral to a specialist. Sometimes you have to push the general doctor to get what you want. And many are paid more money at the end of the year if they keep down the referrals and handle matters themselves. But that doesn't help you resolve this medical problem.

  6. lgoodson1

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    ah okay, yeah this makes sense, the doctor seemed particularly uninterested when I told her of the problem first time round. Thanks, now I just have to wait till Monday to see if this (different) doctor can help me.
  7. JLH

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    I agree with TwoCats' posts, you need to see specialists. Hopefully, when you see the specialists, they will do an MRI on your back/spine. A lot of leg problems originate from a back problem.

    Good luck and I hope you find some answers soon.

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