Legs get weak and can't walk sometimes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peacekeeper40, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Have been diagnosed with FMS for 4 years now. Have taken everything from cortisone shots, pain meds,antidepressives but still have problems. This week I came down with Bronchitis w/fever and by the time I got home from the dr my legs were so weak I couldn't stand on them for over 3 hours. Does anyone else out there have this problem too? What do you do about it? My legs are the weakest thing on me and have had this problem before but not for that long. Am worried that they will give way and then never be able to walk. I can be shopping or out somewhere and they act up. Am really worried. I live in rurual area and the dr's here don't know much about FMS. They just tell me it won't kill me and to just deal with it. But it is so frustrating because I have always been active. Then I get depressed because I can't seem to do the things I want to anymore. My quality of life is taking a nose dive. My mother had Lupus and I was also wondering if that is why I have this. I'm too young to feel this darn old. LOL
    Thanks for any info out there.
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    Irritating!!!! Hang in there! My grandmother had lupus so I to wonder if I to will get that. I have a lot of problems with my legs to. It's not taht they get weak..it's that they start to ache and then it'll feel so wierd like I'm getting no circulation in them but they throb at the same time. It spreads out from my knee and goes up and down my leg bones!!!!
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    My legs are the worst problem I have for pain and weakness. I have always been a jockette and have very hard, strong muscles. When I am in a flare, the usually hard muscles are mushy and weak. It's like night and day.

    Keep moving, stretching, and flexing your muscles, even in bed. It will pay off when you are feeling better again. Ask your doc about some physical therapy which will become a lifelong way to maintain your strength, tone, and flexibility.

    Love, Mikie