Legs, hips, and a skin rash?

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    For the past several days, I have felt like I am literally walking on tree stumps. My legs feel horribly swollen, but there isn't any edema when I mush on my skin. Last week, I gained five pounds overnight - and did not lose it the next two days. I went back to the doc yesterday and it was gone. Today, two pounds of it is back - overnight again. I'm sure it's water weight - it has to be. But, I take two water pills for my blood pressure. I'm puzzled as to why my legs feel like they do. The pressure seems to let off for awhile after I sit down for about 10 minutes, but then when I get back up again my legs are so stiff they don't want to bend and it hurts when I walk.

    Also, I have started breaking out with a rash that looks almost like poison ivy. It's NOT an allergy - it happens when I'm sitting on the couch doing nothing. It was happening in the house I used to live in, and I chalked it up to a mold problem. But, now it's happening again. It used to be only on my back. It's not happening on my hands and arms - and that is all. It has happened one time on my lower back in the last four months. It is all over my hands and arms - and it leaves scars. My left arm is all red, itchy and broke out right now. This is actually the biggest breakout I've had. It will be here for about 10 minutes to drive me crazy with the itching and bumps and then it will be gone, leaving nothing but scars.

    Does anyone else have this problem - or could this be something totally different?

    Thanks in advance for your advice and wisdom.

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    bump for valarie
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    Thank you Debra.
  4. hi all,

    yes ive got the legs,hips and skin rash.it kicked in a week or so ago.and is driving me crazy.

    i keep squrting diluted dettol on my arms and body,and the itching stops for a while.

    i got bit by a mosqueto (spelling),a few weeks ago on my right face cheek.

    its stinger thing was difficult to pull out,but i managed it eventually.

    a lady at work says...

    the NHS helpline advice for these critters biting you is.

    leave the critter in you,and apply nail polish to the area that its stuck into.

    this then causes the bug to suffocate and i should think it either dies,or releases the stinger thing from your skin.

    i applied sudocrem to my wound and it cleared up nicely.

    but i now carry a small squirty bottle every where with me,that contains neat dettol liquid.

    this is a antiseptic disinfectant,and will burn the critter on contact.....payback haha.

    love fran

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    Hi Valerie

    I just posted a similar post because I though my rash could be staph infection, I just recently got a tattoo. It's little bumps, and then welts too on my hands and legs and they itch. I don't know, rashes are hard to diagnose you may wait like I am for a week or so to see what happens. Could be something really minor. I would say if isn't clear in a week go see a md tell them your immune system is compromised and get bloodwork.
  6. hi all,

    one day i stuck a pin in my nose blisters bleb,and it seems to have what i think is a stinger/splinter thing in it.from a mosquto.

    ive had this bleb on my nose for 20 years now.is that possible for a stinger to be inside of me for years?

    oohh im so tired of it all just now,but i feel my doctor should check this out for me.

    neat dettol seemed to shrink the throbbing blister,but now the blister is coming up again.

    i swear that if my doctor shouts at me tomorrow,ill get myself arrested for swearing at him.

    I WANT HELP AND TREATMENT NOW,ive been fobbed off for 14 years and ive had enough of it.

    god i feel better for that let me tell you.

    im like a pressure cooker ready to explode right now.im so frustrated with it all.

    love fran
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    just bumping...

    Thank you for all your posts. I will have my doc test me for MRSA, as I have not been tested for that.

    I'm thinking this has to be some type of viral infection...

    I don't think my doc will blow me off. She's *so far* been pretty good about understanding. She's certainly done more than anybody else ever has to try to help me.[This Message was Edited on 05/29/2008]
  8. hi all,

    im now thinking i have MRSA or CDIFF, in a nose face/nose blister,that i came out of hospital with in 1988,after going in and staying for 7 days,due to having a etopic pregnancy,and cyst on the other ovary.

    i didnt have the face/nose blister before this operation,and i think i most likely caught MRSA or CDIFF from the hospials face/oxygen mask.

    if this is prooven to be the real course of this debilitating M.E/CFS illness,im getting advice.

    no woder they kept my hospital records away from me,when i wanted to win my dissability appeal.

    i ended up getting turned down for lack of evidense.

    and the social security letter said,,,

    in their opinion,i wasnt telling the real truth of how my illness affects me,but was egsagerating it (spelling).

    they called me a liar basically,thats what they did...i hate them.

    im hurt,angry, heartbroken,,, to tell you the truth.

    my life over the past 14 years,snatched from me in the most cruel way.

    detoxing is sort of improoving my quality of life,but its a fluctuating thing just now.

    i think i may have to go on sick for two weeks,as im too tired to do my job right now.

    maybe things will improove if im given anti biotics on monday.

    ive had 8 or nine weeks of being some what normal,recently.

    then something bit me in my sons dirty towel,and i had a migraine behind my right eye,leg muscle paralisis,and its all on the right side of my body.

    i was bit on the tip of my right finger.third finger from the thumb

    im now going through that sleeping sickness again,and just letting my body sleep when it says so.

    love fran
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  9. im also thinking i have mold posioning.

    i moved to this house 14 years ago.

    i was eight weeks into having had a total hysterectomy operation,so my immune system would have been stressed,for sure.

    my detoxing with cranberry juice and pumpkin seeds,is revealing sort of like, mold spores coming out of my ears and finger nails.im very light headed too,at times.

    im very stressed right now,and trying to calm my heart with relaxation breathing,that i learned a few years ago.

    my family arent supportive,but rather more shocked at me thinking i have mold parasites in my body.

    so they shout at me a bit to shut up,its stressing them out.

    how do they think im coping alone,its horrible.

    im washing with my normal soap.

    washing my hair with vosene shampoo.

    then tipping a bowl full of warm water,with 1 capful of dettol antiseptic dissenfectant in it.all over me.using a small watering can.

    then letting my body dry naturally.

    washing towels,and the clothes id just taken off,emediately.

    im having the sleeping illness right now,and id not had that for a couple of years.

    im going to go on sick for two weeks,if im given a antibiotic tomorrow 2nd june 2008,as i know my vision will be blurred and rubbishy while on medication.it always is.

    love fran
  10. hi all,

    my son who stays up to play xbox360 game console,with his friends, said that he sees these small black spiders on our ceiling at night,in the living room.

    he says they always go back into the wall below our gas fire.so its the chimney were they enter and exit.

    could they be feeding off the mold spores in the walls cavity area?its just a thought.

    these houses are rife for all manner of spider.these wall cavities are a health hazard,and unreachable by me and my neat bleach.

    i am spraying diluted bleach around my skirting boards every other night,as lots of crawlers are now being seen to be around at night,on my light coloured laminate floor boarding...its like a horror bug film at my house just now.

    my dog is terrified at the word spider,and shakes his head,as if he has ear mites.

    i bathed him yesterday in vosene medicated shampoo,tiny drop of dettol in his bath water.

    we use a large plastic tub on the back yard to bath him.

    then i applied bob martin flea drops on his neck and lower spine.

    we do that once a month.

    love fran