Legs really hurt and are very stiff

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by xkopy, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. xkopy

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    My legs are really stiff and really hurt. It is really bad in the morning when I wake up. I can hardly walk. I have to hang on to things because my legs are very stiff and weak. As I move around a bit the become less stiff. They only hurt and are stiff when standing or walking. No pain when siting or laying. THe pain moves around in my legs to different areas but never have any pain or stiffness in my upper body. This is an on going problem of the last several years. Slowley getting worse as time goes on. My doctor has me on Tramadol and has made me an appointment with a nuroligst. I get Muscle crampa at nigght in bed pretty bad. Most of the pain in in the muscles and a little in the joints. Does this sound like Fibromylgia?
  2. nightngale

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    My leg pain has always been the worst problem, but it doesn't go away when I sit, or is bad every single morning. Though just about. I wake up stiff all over and they usually do hurt. I am also on tramadol and if it is a bad day I have to take advil, tramadol, then tylenol and finally percocet as a last resort. Then sometimes the pain goes away. Have you been tested for rheumatoid arthritis, had sed rate checked, lyme?, make sure to get all that done. It could be a slew of things. I just had my second punch biopsy looking for small fiber neuropathy, yes, that can cause pain and dozens of illnesses besides numbness. My old neruo thought fibro was an umbrella term that unexplained problems got dumped under. Yet after years I have yet to find a doc to really figure it out. I have had Nerve conduction tests and the neuro should suggest all this stuff. Make sure you do!!! Write it down if you have to. Good luck and if that neuro doesn't listen find another.

    Yep, make sure to have your D levels checked too, mine were real low and still wont go up, and make sure it isn't arthritis either, your case seems a bit severe, ask the neuro if you need an ortho consult too. How old are you and have you had a dexa scan???
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  3. xkopy

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    I am 47 years old. My pain does go away if sitting or standing. But the stiffness and pain is there evey day only in my legs. Never any where else. I have had blood work done and my docotr told me that all the results were not back yet but the bolld work shows a higher degree of some kind of a muscle desiese. My nurologist is going to do a muscle biopsoy. The doctor had fibromyalgia written on the report that went to the hospital when I had my ultasound done. The ultra sound showed no problems there. My appoitment is on tuesday hopefully I will learn somthing there. The tramadol does very little for me.
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    I can relate to what you have said. As a kid, I was told this was "growing pains" and my dad would rub my legs with alcohol that had aspirin disolved in it. I don't know if it helped or not but he tried to help me.

    I am like you said, when I first stand and try to walk, I am like Herman Munster or the Tin Man and feel like I need to be oiled up to move but once I get moving it is better but then the pain really sits in.

    My hips, lower back, feet, ankles and legs just throb.

    I have had ultrasound with nothing showing up (clots, etc.) which I am thankful for but they can't decide what is causing my pain. I have leg cramps at night that hurt so bad I can't hardly get out of bed for them and also in my toes, especially my big toes. They stand straigh up some nights and the leaders in the front of my calves stand out. The doctor just tells me to drink plenty of water throughtout the day but I don't think it really helps much.

    I didn't have pain anywhere else for several years but now have pain and stiffness in my shoulders and arms as well.

    I was first diagnosed with FMS, then RA and then Marfan's Syndrome which is a connective tissue disease.

    Your problem definitely sounds like FMS but could also be in addition to other things.

    I would definitely go to the neurologist and see what they say. Let us know what you find out and best of luck.

  5. cordy250

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    especially those that have arthritis as well as fibro. But never assume anything is fibro. I'm glad you are getting it checked out further.

    I picture many of us getting up in the morning looking like a bunch of crippled ducks LOL At least that's what I feel I look like.
  6. Atlanta8

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    I think lack of salt is linked to muscle cramping - try adding some more to your diet and see if it helps (I think I also used to get dizziness from this also, but it usually goes after I eat a bit more). If you eat healthy non-junk foods, its likely youre lacking a bit (esp if youre drinking lots of water too)

    And for the aches and pains, I tried apple cider vinegar after Karen's suggestion, and it realy helps! I'm trying to get hold of some malic acid and other supplements to get rid of lactic acid build up. I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the post all her info is in I dont *think* it's the toxic guts one. If I remembeer I'll update this post :)


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  7. xkopy yes I have the same thing. I just figure its all part of this wonderful (NOT!) disease.???
  8. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Sounds like you are getting some good workups. Please do make sure you get copies of all your labs and starta file so that if you see different docs you can pass them out or have them copied so they can see what has been done, as well as for your own info. I started doing this for ssdi and now do it for every test i get , my last lab didn't even get sent to the doc till I called for it to be mailed to me and they finally got it after I called them 4 times! Is your sed rate up????

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