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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by splitnget, Jun 30, 2003.

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    Hi LeLe...Kim here... I live in KEystone Heights and was thinking of calling Dr Trescot. Can you tell how she helped you and how I should go about making an appt with her? (Do I need a referral?) I am a 27 female looking to get my life back. I have a 8 month daughter and it is really hard to be active with her because of the ALL pain and fatique. I can narely hold her in my arms for 10 seconds or more. Just looking for some suggestions before I call her office.
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    Dr. T's number is 276-9311..I am not sure what kind of insurance you have...So, I am not sure if you will need to need to get a referral??? You might want to call and check on that..

    As for how she has helped me..She put me on a nerve blocker, and I will be getting a cortisol shot in my back tomorrow..I am looking foward to it..I have a torn ligament giving me fits...No kiddies yet..Would love to have bunches of them, but am scared because I am not healthy...Dr. T is a God send to me..She understands me without me having to go through the drama at every visit..It is heaven! I honestly believe she is the answer to all my prayers..I asked for healing and God sent me Dr. T!!!!!!

    If I can help you out, let me know!

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    Thank you LeLe...I will call her office now...I will keep you posted..

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