Lemon balm - potent antiviral herb for herpes & other viruses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mbofov, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. mbofov

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    I first took lemon balm to help wtih sleep and found that it made me herx quite badly, much to my surprise. I then did a little research and found several studies done in test tubes which showed it effective against herpes viruses (see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18693101) -

    There are more studies if you do a google search. Unfortunately I can't list any other links because it takes too much work to find out how to get permission to post them or they are a commercial site. But just do a search for "lemon balm virus" and click on the second link and at the bottom of the page is a whole host of research papers.

    It also is effective against certain other viruses and perhaps even HIV-1. I do think most of these studies are test tube (in vitro) but as it hit me like a ton of bricks, so I think it works in vivo as well. I don't know what it's killing in my body it's definitely killing something. I foolishly started with 2 capsules twice a day (for sleep) and found I had to cut back to one capsule a day, which I am tolerating. I had been fighting some sort of bug for 2-1/2 weeks and finally am starting to feel human again.

    It also has other benefits and is very cheap. The stuff I am taking is from vitacost.

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    mary i take this it is really good stuff my medical herbalist gave me this and my grandmother grows it in her garden. much knowledge in the older generation

    my herbalist says it is very potent against brain viral infections amongst other things

    it really helps my brain fog

    i really do appreciate the herbal side of medicine and it has helped me no end especially in the uk where we are unable to get any kind of anti virals

  3. mbofov

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    I'm really glad to hear it's helping you. I'm still taking a low dose, still herxing but just a little. It is really powerful!

    Someone posted on the PR board that it may inhibit the absorption of thyroid meds; however, I've read that it actually helps moderate the thyroid, whether too low or too high.

  4. simpsons

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    my thyroid which has been on the low side just above lowest rate has gone to low hypo now since i took a break from mellissa or lemon balm. i believe it is good for the cns system do you have any research links for that area of use?

    liquirice root is another useful herb for the adrenal glands, though caution has to be taken to use the right form again use a medical herbalist myself

    along with hawthorn for support of heart muscle helps oxygen strength of muscle and much more

    elderflower again good, nature has much to offer

    i always use a medical herbalist though for advise as herbs are drugs too and can interact with other medications etc

    for eg st johns wort and prozac mixed within two weeks can be awful combination

    just a word of caution for those new to thinking of herbs to be on the safe side use medical herbalist or seek advise of a dr

    thank you for bringing up this subject mary

    you will see the spectator has allowed publication in comments of prof hoopers letter to observer and also to the dept of health and work and pensions.

  5. mbofov

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    I don't really have any links to post, as they want you to get permission here before you post anything. But there is a lot of info out there about lemon balm helping the cns.

    You're fortunate to have a medical herbalist. Good knowledgable people are hard to find!

    I did see the comments section of the spectator story.

    This whole thing just reminded me of the politics about hte polio vaccine and the monkey virus. It is crazy that we have to fight so hard for the truth to be heard.

    Thanks for all your posts keeping us informed -


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