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  1. jaminhealth

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    I've been taking it with my sleep combo (sleep cure) and thought I was doing fine on it, was able to STOP lorazepam before bed....but I find this out today from a person on a thyroid group:

    Anyhow, if anyone reading this has thyroid issues and lemon balm isn't really helping, then it's because lemon balm is goitrogenic.

    Do some research on this Lemon Balm and Goitrogenic, it's been working so well for me and I'm HypoT and take the
    thyroid support, etc...

    I think what I'll do for the next night for sure is NOT take
    the Lemon Balm, up the Inositol and see how I sleep...I've
    been sleeping so good with the LB...

    It says LemonBalm would be good for those with Graves Disease and HyperT......

    I've also been sleeping EVEN BETTER since taking Anatabloc...so I should be OK I believe.....getting off
    Lemon Balm.....MOST don't know about the Goitrogenic
    of LB and HypoT....I sure didn't....

  2. sunflowergirl

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    I didn't know what that was so looked it up and found this.

    Lorazepam has strong sedative/hypnotic effects, and the duration of clinical effects from a single dose makes it an appropriate choice for the short-term treatment of insomnia, in particular in the presence of severe anxiety. It has a fairly short duration of action.[18] Withdrawal symptoms, including rebound insomnia and rebound anxiety, may occur after only seven days' administration of lorazepam.[19]
  3. LadyCarol

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    jam isn't taking Lorazepam anymore.

    jam, there are plenty of positive benefits taking Lemon Balm which for many would far outweigh any negatives. Regarding the potential Goitrogen connection remember there are many many natural foods that have a Goitrogen connection and plenty of people happily eat them without impact on their thyroid.

    The only really way you'll be able to ascertain if Lemon Balm is impacting your thyroid is to run a series of blood tests over a period of time to monitor your thyroid. There are of course many other variables to consider (e.g. supplements, food and drinks etc.).

    In summary if you are finding you doing ok with Lemon Balm and you are still concerned then you could try reducing your dosage to one 500 mg per night prior to going to bed.

    I'm doing well on one 500 mg Lemon Balm prior to bed and I'm not concerned about a Goitrogen connection, Lemon Balm offers many benefits including an overnight antioxidant.[This Message was Edited on 03/19/2013]
  4. jaminhealth

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    off 1/4mg Lorazepam I was taking with my sleep combo, since I got on Lemon Balm...and don't want to start it again...so we'll see how it goes upping Inositol with my combo and as I said Anatabloc is even making sleep better.

    The ER MD's gave me lorazepam some yrs ago when I went to the ER with a panic attack, first ever....this was during my daughter's hard times.....

    Like LC says LB has a lot of good qualities but I'll try to go without it for a time and see, I test weak with my muscle testing etc...[[This Message was Edited on 03/19/2013]
  5. LadyCarol

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    jam, what did you take for sleep last night and how well did you sleep ?
  6. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    took the Inositol at 7pmish with my 1/2mg melatonin

    and then at the 9PM time I took another
    Inositol and a Gaba

    And slept good, when I went to the bathroom, I
    got right back to sleep.... I was a bit worried as not
    sleeping at night is the WORST.
  7. LadyCarol

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    That's good to hear. What dose of Inositol and GABA ?
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    around 7PM, gets the body ready for sleep...last night I took 500mg Inositol with my melatonin.

    Then at the 9-9:30 time, I took another 500mg Inositol
    and 500mg Gaba....

    Got into bed at 11 or so....popped a calms and was out...also take 2 anatabloc loz at pillow time too...

    The thought of not sleeping...words can't express my thoughts....sleep is healing....
  9. LadyCarol

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    and yes sleep is healing and vital to a persons health.
  10. LadyCarol

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    All this scary talk of Lemon Balm affecting hypothyroidism is rubbish.

    I've been taking 500 mg Lemon Balm & Valerian prior to going to bed for around 2 months now to see if they aids sleep, they certainly do contribute without a doubt.

    I’ve just had a full thyroid test and my thyroid has actually improved. A lower TSH, a higher T3 and T4 about the same compared with 2 months ago.