Lemons and Limes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jasminetee, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. jasminetee

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    People in Chat told me to try adding fresh lemon juice to my water every morning to help my kidneys function better. I've been doing this and I also add lime juice too. It's tempting to add sugar but don't because that will defeat the purpose. I feel like it's calming my overactive bladder and helping my urinary tract as well.

    Did you know that lemons and limes are actually alkalinizing to your body? It seems counterintuitive I know. Look it up though if you have a hard time believing this.

    I use 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 a lime and it also gives me much needed x-tra Vitamin C.

    Thank you people in Chat. I'm sorry I don't remember who you are.

    Oh yeah, don't do this within 4 hours of taking meds. Look up "fruit juice interfering with meds" if you haven't heard the latest about this.

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  2. Forebearance

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    You know what I do, Tee? I add a scoop of Corvalen to my lime/lemon water and make it into lemonade. hee hee. It tastes pretty good, actually. I also like to use sparkling water sometimes.

  3. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    Lemons/Limes act as antaciptic in your intestines. If i backed up, i have a little warm water with lemon juice in the morning and i'm on my way!

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