Lerner and EBV IgM

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    While I was at this CFS/ME conference in London I asked Dr. Lerner about the EBV IgG VCA tests. He said they were "useless".

    I believe Lerner uses several different tests to determine whether to give a patient Valtrex for EBV.

    These include a Holter monitor, and an EBV IgM p18 monoclonal VCA test made by DiaSorin in Stillwater, MN. (He might also use EA for EBV. ) The
    EBV IgM test is done by AURP lab, among others.

    Does anyone know anything about the specifics of this?

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    i know that dr. lerner does do an EBV (VCA) IgM and an EBV EA (i am not clear if this is IgG or IgM). i think the tests are run in his own lab.

    i had my EBV tested twice through specialty labs before seeing dr. lerner but they did not show anything significant. dr. lerner's tests, however, showed active virus!

    when i asked him about this, he said "we do the tests very carefully." i was scared to ask him about any specifics and just so relieved that something was finally found which i coud be treated for.

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