lesion on the brain

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    This is an old subjet but I was wondoring if anyone has heard of any new info as to what causes the lesions, and what the connection is to cfids?
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    bump this back to the top...hope someone has some info for you.

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    My MD initially thought that I had Multiple Scerlosis and sent me to a neurologist. I got 3 MRI of the brain and thankfully to scarring (scerlosis in Latin).

    It turned out to be Epstein-Barr virus, but I found on a website (forgot where) that Epstein-Barr can cause scarring in the brain.

    The first MRI checks for dead tissue in the brain (scar tissue is dead). Next a contrasting agent is added to the blood which checks for any leakage of the Blood-Brain-Barrier. Finally a MRI-Angiogram zeros out the brain cells to look at just the structure of the brain's blood vessels.

    Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalo virus are some of the causes of CFS and FM.