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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caroleye, Mar 8, 2006.

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    After visiting my Dr. ref what appeared to be a UTI, I learned another lesson. She told me she could see WBC's, but would send off for a "culture". But meanwhile, I needed to take an antibiotic (Cipro).

    Well after 5 days of hellish worsening of my symptoms, found out the culture was "negative".....no infection. But I'm still showing traces of WBC's??

    Major lesson.........won't take antibiotics "until" my culture comes back.

    But now wondering why I'm still showing traces of WBC's when I use my urine test kit.

    Anyone had this experience??

    Thanks & LIGHT********carole
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    Sometimes a yeast infection can present like a UTI, but a thing that comes to my mind is Kidney stones. The travel of a kidney stone out of the kidney, down the ureter and into the bladder can be agony and "scrapes" up the lining of these tube connections - so blood cells are detected in the urine.

    An X-ray can dx the presence of kidney stones. Simply taking a swab sample wet-mount and looking into the microscope can dx a yeast infection.

    If you are still suffering from symptoms and your doc. has not ordered any further tests, you call and demand them.

    If it is yeast, Yeast problems can lead to a bladder/pelvic spasmodic syndrome called vulvodynia that is often confused with Interstitial Cystitis. Treatment for the yeast is a 6 wk protocol of Diflucan in a taper (1 a day for x days, 1 every 3 days for x days, 1 once a week for x weeks).

    Then, to avoid future yeast infections, white cotton underpants, washed in a dye-free and perfume free detergent, double-rinsed. Avoid pads, use tampons to limit yeast, don't wear pantyhose, etc. etc.

    I take a probiotic (acidophilus) to try to maintain the GI tract health - it's close proximity to the vagina will help any "stray" yeasties. Some people use the probiotic tablets vaginally also.

    Anything that touches my butt is double rinsed and underpants are white cotton. It takes some hunting but you can find sexy white cotton undies. My bras are very colorful to make up for the deficit. I use a hypoallergenic "Feminine Wash" on that area - I use scented soap for the rest of my body but not there.

    Also, if you have a partner, s/he may have to be treated with Diflucan also, as THEY can be asymptomatic carriers and continuously re-infect you.

    Hope this helps,
    Madame Curie

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