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    Sometimes I get to feeling guilty because I can't help my father-in-law more than I do.With fibro, sometimes I need help myself! I just got home from visiting with him & helping him change his bed, wash clothes etc. I looked at him & said, I'm sorry I can't help you more.....his response blew me away
    He was shocked that I felt that way. In fact his eyes welled up with tears & he said...baby you are the only one in this world I can count on!!! Do'nt beat yourself up because yu can't do more. I don't know what I'd do without you....well if that's not a morale booster, I don't know what is!! Everyone else is too busy with 'things'to notice he can't do a lot of things he used t do. Who knows ,if I didn't have FMS, I might not have time for him either. Barb
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    We lost Pa on March18, 2003.
    I never knew how much I would miss him until now.I held up very well until this week, and all I can do is cry.

    Milton never got mean , he never forgot who we were. He was himself till the very end.

    I know how hard it is to have them be the other way too. My Mother was the most difficult person her last few years.

    I think that's why I appriciate Pa so much.

    He was "lucky" he didn't suffer long. He got pneumonia and went in 3 weeks. He was able to stay home up until then too. Something that was so important to him.

    I feel blessed to have known such a kind and loving man.