"Let Go"

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    LET IT GO!

    When the darkest night is over
    And you've done all you can do,
    Turn your fears into believing.
    A new beginning is there for you.

    For every heartache you have weathered
    Has added courage to your soul
    And we can't find any answers
    Until we give up all control.

    Keep this moment in your vision.
    Don't look behind or look ahead.
    For every failure and misfortune
    Can be a starting point instead.

    Let go of all you cannot carry
    Because you need new wings to fly
    And there are smiles and even laughter
    To dry up all those tears you've cried.

    Keep hope alive within this moment,
    It's really in your power to do,
    And God is still there in His Heaven
    Providing love to see you through.

    If your dreams lie there in pieces,
    Don't let regret just overflow.
    Your heart needs a bit of mending.
    Just walk away and let it go.

    By Karen Shaw Matteson

  2. Shirl

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    Need I say more???

    Thank you for such a lovely though again.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    That was so moving, Deena...Thank YOU! Love, Lori :)