Let Me See You Lord

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    Let Me See You Lord

    Not things you perform
    Not bright shiny packages
    Not things that adorn

    Let me see you Lord
    In wonder I sing
    Power and majesty
    All Praise to my King

    Let me see you Lord
    In large things and small
    In life as I journey
    You won't let me fall

    As I stubbornly flounder
    Through daily to do's
    Without thought or humility
    To request help from You

    Who is constantly with me
    If I acknowledge or not
    You are faithfully present
    To author my thoughts

    Of Your spirit within me
    Which desires to please
    My omnipotent Father
    I bow down on my knees

    To have fellowship with You
    As I offer my praise
    And commune with my Father
    The Ancient of Days

    You delight in my presence
    You desire my heart
    You are saddened each morning
    As I thoughtlessly start

    Without seeking Your guidance
    And the favor You yearn
    To give of so freely
    In Your bosom it burns

    You are gentle and patient
    As You sadly observe
    My self centered attempt
    To dispense with Your word

    As I walk out the door
    Once again I neglect
    To commune with my Father
    To take time to reflect

    How I want to see You Lord
    Nothing else takes Your place
    I am useless and futile
    Save Your presence and grace