Let there be peace on Earth

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunrise, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Sunrise

    Sunrise New Member

    Hope every one has a peaceful and blessed day today.

    Let us be thankful for each other and mainly for Jesus.

    Lets pray for peace today and every day.

    Bless you all. I`m thankful for this board and all you wonderful people.

    Take care, Sunrise
  2. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    Those who hold us up to the throne when we are down,
    Extend encouragement and praise.
    We also get reminded that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and His Mercy never comes to an end, they are new every morning.

    I am Thankful today Oh Lord for your salvation, for your love, for your power. I thank you that you will complete what you have started in each of our lives. I do give you thanks in ALL of the circumstances and I stand in awe as I watch you perform your marvelous works.
    I pray you will bless each person who comes to this board to share there pain, or their praise. Help us to follow you as the sheep follow their sheppard and may our eyes be open to all of your promises and splendor.
    I am thankful for the words of Jesus today, when he said " Fear not little flock, for it is your fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom." May your kingdom reign in our hearts, minds and spirits forever. I love you Lord, for you are the Great I AM, you are the healer, the provider, our high tower, or strength, and a very present help in times of trouble. I love you for who you are, and because you first loved me. Praise the Name of the Lord.