" Let Us "

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    " Let Us "

    Let us encourage one another.
    I am your sister. You are my brother.
    Let's walk together, hand in hand,
    Until we reach God's Promised Land.

    Let's edify each other's spirit
    And glorify the Son of Man.
    We'll spread His word to every nation
    And tell of His redeeming plan.

    So, let's wear the armor of the Lord
    And let His words serve as our sword,
    Leading lost sheep into His fold.
    Let this be our never-ending goal.

    Let's sing and shout, and praise His Holy name.
    For, through His blood, our redemption came.
    Let's be a beacon for those sinners who are lost
    And gently tell them how Jesus paid their cost.

    Many Blessings

    © 2002 by Vickie Lambdin