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  1. Lolalee

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    Tears are streaming down my face as I read the most recent posts and re-read the older ones from when I first started this thread. I am so blessed to have found all of you.

    Zion, yes, praise God!!! One day at a time we will get through this. No need to worry about tomorrow, right?

    Nerdieduckie, a new best friend...how awesome!!!

    Sheila....well time spent in bed. I agree with you...don't know how I'd get through this without God.

    Hayley...hon, I'm a bit of a loner myself, so I know exactly what you mean.

    Leaknits..I laughed when I read what you said about reading books...oh how I can relate!! I've just decided that I'm going to re-read all the books that I've already read by one of my favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. I don't remember the plots, but I do remember liking the books. And, yes, priorities change regarding our wardrobe. I just bought new slippers and pjs.

    Sorry I haven't responded to each of you individually, but I am so happy that you have kept this thread alive. Your stories enrich my life.

    Bless you, my friends!!


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  2. evol_or_revert

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    glad to see some postive people here :D

    my life has majorly majorly changed since i got sick. I now don't stress as much, I think things over more and i can pace myself it's no longe about doing everything at once.

    There are so many things I have learnt from being sick that I would never have learnt otherwise.
  3. yjswan

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    Wow..I just logged on and read through this thread and all of you are amazing! I used to keep a gratitude journal and each day I would write down 5 things I was grateful for..after reading your posts, I know I need to start doing this again. Since being diagnosed with FM and having to stop working 6 months ago after a couple years of struggling, I couldn't find anything positive in my life. All of you have reminded me today that I am a child of God who is perfect in God's sight. So, for today, I begin with 5 things I am grateful for:
    1) A loving husband of 28 years who sticks by me no matter what
    2) A daughter who is kind, loving, caring, and independent
    3) A little shih tzu, named Oscar, who is my constant companion and friend
    4) My computer which gives me the ability to find people like you all to remind me that I am not alone
    5) My home and my husband's good health that keeps the bills paid and food on the table

    Thank you all--you have helped me more than you will ever know.

  4. Lucine

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    Funny, I just read a part of this thread last night, and just this morning responded to a friend who asked the question, "How do you manage?" I think my response suits this topic.

    Oh, hi everyone. This is my first post on here. My name is Lucine. Nice to meet you all.

    "How do I manage. . .I wouldn’t without God. I wouldn’t if I didn’t know that there is a purpose even in this, and that I will stick the course and come out the other side of it and something will have changed—if not many things. If I didn’t know that He’s shown me so many important things I wouldn’t have learned any other way: I can see people like I never had before. I can see their true intentions, I have greater compassion. I have an even stronger appreciation for life, and so despise, more than ever, the silly things people idolize that detracts from it: material things, power, self-absorption. He’s brought amazing people into my life, and removed those who didn’t need to be there. He has taught me how destructive pride is, and how beautiful things happen when we are honest, the strength and courage of “vulnerability”, how there really are people with hearts to give and do so joyfully. He has planted in my head a seed to become an activist for this disease once I have the energy and I’m on the other side of it, to help others. And that possibly, very possibly, with all that I’ve learned during this entire process, there is something I’ve learned and will bring into someone else’s life that might save theirs. I might save a life in this. God might use me to inspire people or save lives in this. He might use this, somehow, to bring someone else into relationship with Him.

    So I have to manage. And it will be worth it.


  5. Redshadow

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    I have an excuse to eat more dark chocolate!
  6. shell

    shell New Member

    I now know how to eat super healthy, and that healthy eating tastes great!!

    I also am very well informed on every sign symptom and disease out there, so I probably will know if friend, family or myself has something and it can be caught early!

    I don't judge - even things I don't understand.

  7. pw7575

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    Thank you for starting this thread months ago. I never saw it then and I am glad that it has resurfaced. I have been thinking about posting a post just like this for about a month now. I have been having a rough time of late and was trying to think of the good things.

    Good things that have come out of my CFS.

    -I knew before that I had an amazing boyfriend but since this illness I have really seen first hand how truely lucky I am to have him. He has been by my side through this entire illness and has been so AMAZING through it all. I know that I can count on him and he will be there not only through the good times but also the very bad.

    -I was there at home for 5 years to take care of a very troubled teenager (my BF's sister). I am not sure if she would be alive today had I not been sick and forced to work from home where she needed me.

    -I have become closer with my little sister (the one in my profile pic with me). I am 10 years older than her and growing up we fought CONSTANTLY. Moving away from home definitely helped our relationship but it wasn't until I became sick that we really bonded. She would (and still does) come and spend weekends and weeks with me at my house on her school breaks. She has helped me through some rough times. We are practically best friends now.

    -I get to spend more time with my family since I now work from home. I have my laptop and can work from anywhere so I sometimes go and spend a long weekend or a week with my family.

    -I am a better Catholic. I pray everynight and often during the day too. I have tried church only 3 times since being sick....once was a success but the other two I got so sick and had to get up in the middle of church and leave (very embarassing) so I stick to prayer.

    -I am now more aware of how to be healthy. I eat healthier and know more about nutrition and good health than I ever did before.

    -Although I would trade being sick for being able to go back to work in a heart beat...One good thing is that I no longer have to get up at 0 dark 30 in the morning to go to work since I now work from home :) Was never a morning person.

    Great Post!!! I am sure there are more I could think of if I tried so you all do the same. TRY it is worth it to think of the good things rather than always focusing on the bad and what we have lost because of this DD.

  8. Liz919

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    I can't think of many but one I know of is the fact that my fiancee met me when I was the sickest so he obviously loves the crap out of me since he knew going in what he was getting in to. :)
  9. Soul*

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    I am aware that the last post of this thread is from 2006 but I came across this thread and felt it is well worth reviving!

    CFIDS is teaching me to value my human being part over my human doing part.

    It is teaching me to allow myself to enjoy the enjoyable even if circumstances health wise try to make me feel miserable.

    It is teaching me to find alternative ways of staying in touch with friends and being 'involved' when I no longer am able to be there with them in flesh. For a while I kind of 'stopped living' since I couldn't be part of all what is going on anyways but I found that only made me very self centered on the disability part and silently suffering instead of exploring different ways of how I could still be involved. I'm still alive and I can let people know in different ways I still care about them now.

    It is teaching me to not let the illness take me over but to be in the here and now of what I still CAN do. For example if I am feeling miserably sick when being in a company and I absolutely don't want to go back to bed, I remind myself that there is nothing wrong with my ears and eyes and I can still listen and watch and that is enough, even though the rest of my body might be in chaos.

    It is strengthening my happy muscles by testing me constantly trying to drag me down so I have to become very very creative to find new ways of thinking, to stay in touch with the good in life that health doesn't offer me. This to me is a very valuable life skill that also allows me to deal better with other life setbacks.

    It has forced me to learn live on such limited budget and foods that I can tolerate, that it also has simplified my diet in a positive way, much easier on groceries too. There is nothing wrong with drinking water instead of other beverages, in fact it's much healthier, and it doesn't harm me that I can not have sugar or chocolate or caffeine etc.

    Because of having to give up on most hobbies I have been able to develop new ones that I can do from bed that I wouldn't probably have given thought to if I where not in this position.

    I am sure there is much more, I'll try and come back when I think of things.
  10. GeminiMoon

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    CFS woke me to the fact that I was not taking good care of my mind, body or soul. It has taught me to slow down, pace myself and to stay positive. It also taught me how to really love and care for myself and put myself first, something I was not doing at all. It kind of gave me my life back.
  11. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    I hear you gb, I was right on track and where I wanted to be too when I got ill. I loved every part of my life and I think many of us did when getting ill. Illness isn't an escape of a busy life, it is something that happens to any kind of person in any kind of life and whether we like it or not we just have to deal with it.

    I don't belief this thread is meant to make the illness itself in any way 'positive', it is just that it has forced me to learn other ways to fill the happiness in my life and that in itself has made me more experienced and stronger as a person, has 'helped' me to find alternatives to what I liked doing and has taught me to deal with setbacks better. That doesn't make the setback itself positive it just makes me appreciative of what I have been able to distill from it that I hadn't yet from my 'former/healthy' life. It's manure that makes our food grow harder ;)

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to 'get' ill to learn these lives lesson though :p But since I am ill anyways, it helps me to make the best of it facing it as a challenge to at least take something I can learn from it.

    Even as a little kid when I was still healthy I would comment to people that would say 'as long as your healthy', 'no, as long as you are happy'. Well I sure got tested on that one ;)