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  1. Doznclan3

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    How about everyone mentioning their favorite springtime sound. This one shouldn't take as long..we can post what we like to hear, or what we just heard...or a poem on sounds..anything goes. It's almost springtime here! Going to be close to 60 today..can you hear me now? lol..I'm going...yippee...no, that's not my favorite springtime sound. :)

    I was out with my chickens..one of my favorite sounds, but I hear them every day..that makes me happy..but I could hear all of those Robins just singing away. They must have been just as happy as I was about the warmer weather and being able to do some work. My guess is, they are doing their search for where to make their nests. They sounded so happy.
    If this is one of your favorite springtime sounds..go ahead and post it. I have several..will come back with more!

    Just wanted to say..today is my Husband's and my anniversary....19 years! That's good...still together, and happier than ever, really!
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  2. windblade

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    ...listening to a soft, steady spring rain. It is so gentle and soothing.

    And for me too the first sound of robins! So cheerful and comforting.

    Cynthia - Congratulations on your Anniversary to you and your husband! I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

    Rainbow - what are Spring Peppers?????? A bird? A singing vegetable? Spring frogs? I guess I'm still in game mode :)
  3. windblade

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    Rainbow - thought that might be, but also thought it might be a local name for something mysterious.

    I've never heard spring peepers. I love the late summer tree frogs.

    They must be around your pond I'm thinking.

    Just saw my first robin!!! Have been hearing them for about a month. And also saw two large gorgeous woodpeckers. One with a bright red head, and another very elegant black and white body. Flocks of grackles too - and other birds zinging around. Love to watch them, and listen!

  4. Doznclan3

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    Woodpeckers! I haven't seen one yet this spring.

    I also like the sound of a cricket or two..more than that can make it a little hard to sleep...lol..but I like listening to them at night..at a distant, through an open window.

    Oh Wind, I was also going to say rain. This may sound funny, but we have a carport that when the rain falls..it sounds so pretty hitting the top of that. When it is raining hard, we are all at the front window looking to see just how hard it is coming down. :)

  5. Doznclan3

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    I can just see it now..a little frog peering in at you Rain. We once had two, small owls peering in at us through our sliding glass windows that was in our dining area..went out to a deck..they were sitting out there on the far side of the deck support, just looking at us. They were there just as the night was coming on, I can just see those big yellow eyes now. Then, the next night, just outside of our bedroom window, they sat on the fence, and were making their cute little sounds..hooo, hoooo... :)

    Talking frogs..we also had a pond out just a ways from our bedroom, this was a few years back, but we could hear the big ol toads out there. Quite loud in the late spring and summer. I remember my kids going into that pond to catch the tadpoles. One of my kids cut his foot in there on some glass. I told them NOT to go into the pond, but they just had to have those tadpoles I guess.

    I am loving the sound of the doves around here. They planted a larger version than what we were used to a few years back. They are actually getting out of hand! I love their sound though.

    Nice weather again, heard those Robins again!
  6. sassy2

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    First of all, Happy Anniversary. Second, for some reason this year, the yearning for chickens is in my blood. I have never raised chickens, but my mom did for years. I live in a town of about 67,000. I didn't know I could have any chickens but I called the other day and was told I am allowed 5 chickens, so looks like my husband is going to be busy building a chicken coup.

    Usually my favorite sounds of Spring is the birds and the rain, but this year is something totally New! I went out in the back yard today, the sun was shining and my 18 month old granddaughter was with me. She looked up at the blue sky filled with white clouds and saw the tall pine trees blowing in the wind. She lifted her little arms up and said WOW!! as she looked at the sky. I thought, how wonderful to see the world as new and big and beautiful, as a little child. So I have to say this year it is the voice of my little darling.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thats a long time to be married, and wish you many more lovely wedded years...

    This topic of spring is bringing up wonderful visions of life stirring anew..animals,
    birds, plants, activity, chirupping, chirping, scurrying, breezes, smells, aaaaah!

    Here we dont have spring as such, it moves from cold immediately into hot. guess
    I too like the sound of birds going about their business as soon as i open my eyes.
    usually a lot of crows caw cawing and the chirupping of sparrows, sharp squawking
    of mynah birds and sweet twitterings of some tiny brown birds i dont know the name of
    yet. All intertwined with the sound of cars on the road outside.

    God Bless
  8. Doznclan3

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    all the well wishes for our anniversary. I would like to thank you all for them!

    Sassy, get some chickens! I have some, if only you lived closer, boy could we talk!
    We have a lot of grandchildren, I love the things they say. When they go out and see my chickens, they always have something funny to say about them, because in fact, they are kind of funny little things. They can make quite the show for you as you just sit and watch them.

    Rain, you always paint a pretty picture of anything you write about..even dirt and mud. :)
    And yes, I do believe I have heard the earth talk when I stop and think about it. I will make a point to really listen this spring after a rain, or as I am working in my veggie garden and flower gardens. Looking forward to that..will make the work even more fun.
  9. sassy2

    sassy2 New Member

    If I do happen to get some chickens, I may have to ask you alot of questions. Mom isn't here anymore, and at the time, I wasn't interested in learning about them. Now, I am. Thanks.

  10. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I just delighted in your little Grandaughter's reaction to the sky and clouds. How perfect!

    I love hearing the things that children say - if anyone has any more to share.

    Yesterday was the first time I was able to isolate the call of our red-headed woodpecker. He was in a tree close-by.
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    when the cuckoo starts her call. its usually on a lazy hot afternoon.

    God Bless
  12. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Yesterday I saw the first open red buds of the huge maple trees on our street. Always the first thing to bloom here. It was so joyful.

    Am loving all the fresh air - opening windows and airing out the house. Breathing in that sweet air.

    Springwater - your birds sound so exotic; cuckoos, mynah birds and parrots.

    Rainbow - it's in the 70's today also. Going to look up your Spring Peepers sound, and the Horse Whisperers mysteries.

  13. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    tulips and daffodils coming up. I'm seeing the green leaves starting to come out on a tree that we call the umbrellas tree out here..it's a type of willow.
    It snowed for a brief time yesterday. That would be Utah weather in the spring. Then in fall, it gets mixed up with itself then also. :)
  14. Doznclan3

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    That stuff grows wild in our ditch banks. Anyone that loves Asparagus, goes hunting for it about now. Did see some in the store, and said to my husband, when you see Asparagus, you know spring is around the corner.

    I saw my first dandelion the other day. I was in between a happy moment and a dreaded moment, because it was in my back yard..a place that I tried hard to keep them out. I can't put weed killer on them, because I let my chickens out in the back. They will eat the green, but not the flower. I had a flock in the past that loved the yellow flower.
    Not sure my ladies will be out much once I get my garden in, I have nothing protecting my garden! Not yet anyway, told my hubby that we need to think of something. They just love being out under the apple and pear trees.
  15. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Been thinking how much the chickens must love being outside. The sunshine - free to move around.