"Let's Get Away From It All" - CFS/FM Style

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    Diane's post about 'needing a vacation' made me think about how CFS/FM folks would probably take a vacation.


    A Trip to the Mountains - Climbing the stairs twice, in one day.

    A Day at the Beach - Working in your garden and taking a shower.

    A Long Ocean Voyage - Soaking in a hot tub and not being able to climb out.

    Sight-Seeing - Discovering all the stuff that's been hidden under layers of house dust.

    Visiting With Relatives - Going on Face Book.

    Amusement Park Rides - Spinning in your wheelchair.

    Visiting Disney World - Watching an old Mickey Mouse cartoon.

    Souvenir Shopping - Ordering your meds online.

    Dining Out - Having lunch on the deck.
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    Wow! GB, you sure know how to have fun. Well, let's see. What are some
    vacation activities?

    Cruising down the highway to some fun place.
    Our version: moving the car from the driveway to the garage.

    Catching up on your reading with a stack of good books.
    Our version: reading the warnings that come with our meds.

    Taking a hike.
    O.V. visiting the back yard.

    Going hunting.
    O.V. Searching for glasses, keys, phone, wallet, checkbook, etc.

    O.V. Retrieving stuff from sofa cushions, the space between the bed
    and the wall, the odds and ends drawer, etc.

    Visiting an art gallery.
    O.V. Thumbing through old National Geographics or Life Magazines.

    Trip with the grand kids to a water park.
    O.V. Asking them to water the plants on the patio.

    Visiting an open air market.
    O.V. Watching the neighbor's garage sale through the window.

    Finally coming home and collapsing.
    O.V. Staying home and collapsing.

    Bon voyage and Welcome Home.
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  3. gb66

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    Rock, Whee, I'm tired from all this activity! Glad vacation is over.

    My favorites were 'watching the neighbor's garage sale through the window' and 'staying home and collapsing'. Very funny. GB
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  4. Willow77

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    Vacation during my worse CFS times were always drive-bys.

    We went to LA to see a specialist and we drove by Beverly Hills, drove by the Chinese theater in Hollywood, there was a group of people standing outside with big movie cameras so someone may have been getting their star. We then drove by Rodaeo Drive. We didn't get out of the car for anything. We also drove by the Santa Monica Pier.
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  5. gb66

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    Willow, that's too bad you couldn't go in and enjoy those great places. I know it was frustrating. Did the specialist help you? GB
  6. Willow77

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    Unfortunately that visit confirmed that that particular protocol wasn't for me. I did everything right, even the office staff who went over everything with me couldn't find anything I did wrong so I guess I was one of the 10% that it just doesn't work for. I suspected the visit would go that way, as at first I was doing better and then went downhill later. The protocol was only for FMS.

    I was happy to just get out of the house so it wasn't too bad only getting to see things from the car window.
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    Hi Willow

    Gordon and I went to the library earlier. One of the gals who works there was
    telling us about her vacation. She took Amtrak to Oregon or Washington
    Somewhere in the great northwest. The ticket was $750. Turns out it's a
    special train. All your meals are paid for and you have a bed to sleep in.
    Maybe it's like those compartments they had when Lucy and gang returned
    from Hollywood. The train doesn't go very fast either. The idea is that you
    can sight see along the way.

    Anyway I told her a friend of mine on line was telling me about her vacation:
    drivebys. She said, "What? Shootings?!"

    Reminds me of that old joke: Bang. Clop-clop. An Amish drive by shooting.

    And that made me wonder. When I lived in SE Minnesota, there were no
    Amish in the entire state. But after I moved to California, Amish moved in.
    If you visit my home town now you can sign up for a tour of Amish farms.
    The old railroad depot is a gift shop. You can buy Amish made gifts
    there. Quilts and furniture and home made pies and jam, etc.

    But what I was wondering about was, is the number of Amish declining.
    I would think so. Surely young people want to live in the modern world.
    Turns out the number of Amish is increasing. Partly because the Amish
    still havebig families; an average of 7 kids.

    And they are also becoming more amenable to modern ways. One group
    of Amish uses tractors, phones, refrigerators, etc. And some compromise.
    They won't have a phone in the house, but they have one in the barn
    because it's needed for business. And they won't ride in a car. But
    if it's an emergency they might.

    BTW it wouldn't be too physically draining to tour my home town.
    The main street is a block and a half long. No buildings over
    2 stories tall.



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