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    over the course of illness, i have come down a couple times with terrible allergy symptoms (ie. runny nose, congestion). i have always been suspicious of these attacks because they don't usually occur in response to high pollen levels like i'm used to experiencing (i've had seasonal allergies all my life). it's more like for 24-48 hours i'm a complete mess, then they spontaneouly lift. i've noticed the occurrence of these histamine responses has increased since i began taking an anti-viral and other immune modulating supplements. so the "allergy" is clearly within my body, not a response to some external irritant.
    anyway, i started doing a little research, a lot of which confuses me, but i was hoping someone out there might have a handle on the histamine response and what it means.

    do dead viruses release histamines?

    is a histamine response a good thing, meaning the immune system is working properly?

    i did locate the following bit of info that seems to tie histamine to the inflammation response and it appears to be a good thing!, perhaps blocking the entry of microorganisms into the inflamed tissue?

    ------A localized inflammatory response occurs when there is damage to a tissue due to physical injury or entry of microorganisms.

    Vasodilation of small vessels near the injury increases the blood supply to the area which produces the characteristic redness.

    The dilated vessels become more permeable allowing fluids to move into suuounding tissues resulting in localized edema. (Chemical signals are important in initiating an inflammatory response.

    Histamine is released from injured circulating basophils and mast cells in the connective tissue.

    => Released histamine causes localized vasodilation and the capillaries in the area become leakier.

    Prostaglandins are also released from white blood cells and damaged tissues-

    => These and other substances promote increased blood flow to the injured area-

    Increased blood flow to the site of injury delivers clotting elements which help block the spread of pathogenic microbes and begin the repair process--------

    thoughts? opinions??

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    Good Question.
    Good Answer.
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    I am on Vistril 3x a day, for my Histamine problems.
    We produce more Histamine, than normal, you can check this out at Devin Starlanyls website or in her book.

    I get bad reactions to Insect bites, Mosquitos, especailly.
    Red ants, Black Flies, any thing that flies and Bites.
    I also get scars from the bites, that was a Big clue for my Rhuemy Dr. She's the one who finally figured out what was wrong with me. Thank goodness.