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    Almost 2 years ago, I copied the article about a woman (mom) having FM and dealing with day to day living on pain meds. You may remember, it was like a poem. Anyway, I copied it and put it away and thought, if I ever need that much pain meds I would have this poem to share. Well, I'm at that point now and of course, I can't find it! Can anyone tell me how to find it? cbella
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    This board is going too fast tonight.
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    I would like to beable to read it but I he no found any one poem that has to do with pain, i really would like to learn about this book and what it has to do wiht PAIN. I Hope that it can be found so that I have raead ot. Thank si much Rosemarie
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    It was like a letter from a mom, stating how Yes, she has to take pain meds to help her do her daily activities like taking care of the children and doing the regular chores....I wish I could find it...it was written so well. Maybe someone remembers it from about 1 1/2 yrs ago....cbella
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