Letter Discussing Antibiotic Levaquin Damage and Results.

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    Thank you so much for getting back and giving me so much of your time and advice.

    I can tell you are a caring person...the kind of person that would and has actually stopped on the sidewalk to at least hold the hand of a stranger who is laying on his side moaning ( metaphorically speaking ) when most would simply walk by.

    You are the only one to do this so far. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

    This all started 10 months ago when I was given a one week dose of a very powerful antibiotic called "Levaquin." starting with three capsules of this in our local ER here in Monterey, Ca.

    Within 1/2 hour of being given this drug, and 5 minutes into the ride home from the ER, I passed out and my frantic wife raced me back to the ER. They said I had a "vagal" response. The then placed me in a large "recovery" room until the next day when I was given another capsule dose of "Levaquin" and another 5 day dose of this in a pill bottle and sent home. Starting that very first night at home is when everything in my body exploded !

    I had an ambulance race me back again to the ER that very next morning telling them I felt like I was "dying". This is where and how all this began.

    Levaquin is the sister drug to "Cipro." These 2 very potent antibiotics are in a class of antibiotics called "Flouroquinolones" With "Flourine" being the known dangerously powerful chemical in this medicine. ( in a way..imagine drinking Chlorine from Bleach.)

    The FDA issued a new warning in 2004 to related health care professionals about this class of fluoroquinolones antibiotics, especially Levaquin, stating that they were getting so many reports of life altering/threatening adverse reactions to this drug...that they were telling these professionals to consider their findings and to consider these more commonly reported serious adverse reactions in their dispensation of this drug.

    The controversy apparently is about the "flourine." They increased the amount of this dangerous chemical in these fairly recently developed ( 80's ??? ) antibiotics and it is suspected of creating havoc in a larger percentage of users than the manufacturers say it does in their own tests.

    If you remember the anthrax cases a few years ago...many of those victims were given Cipro/Levaquin and many were very negatively effected by this drug in ways exactly similar to me. Same thing with Gulf War vets. But no one; government, medical associations and especially regular doctors like mine...will even give one seconds thought to this being the cause of this medical crisis with me and others like me.

    It is a strange and weirdly aggressive stance they have taken on this considering they themselves don't know that much about this drug. I have speculated that it is the "suit" fear and hatred medical establishment mentality that is these doctors main motivation in running away from cases like this.

    I think doctors feel that if they ever give serious consideration and "blame" to a drug like this causing all of these illnesses, they could get "trapped" going up against massively wealthy and never backing down drug companies. And they are not going to sacrifice their time and careers in this matter, even if some of their patients may have truly been seriously damaged by these drugs/antibiotics.

    Sorry...but their own careers come before getting caught up in something like this. That is a statement not only about the moral and ethical state of our national medical establishment but also to how powerful the drug companies are and how good they have gotten at finding ways to shut down any professional claims and legal actions against them.

    It is intimidation bolstered by incredible wealth and clout, the American medical establishments hatred of suits and even government legislation support.

    Do you know that Bush has capped personal injury/negligence suit awards to $250,000 ?

    What this did was to shut down legal firms from taking on cases like this because often it takes almost that much money just to investigate, hire experts, pay attorneys, pay legal fees and to get a case like this tried !

    I have called legal firms about my feelings that Levaquin triggered all of my never before experienced illnesses and even with so much credible scientifically proven and published clinical evidence ( including that 2004 FDA warning ) supporting this, ALL of these legal firms and attorneys say this same story. " The Bush suit caps make it too financially risky and unfeasible to even consider taking on unlimited wealth and top legal team defended drug companies. "

    Unless you actually die and they can ABSOLUTELY PROVE that a specific drug did this to you....hundreds of thousands if not millions of people like me, who may have been damaged by negligence, malpractice, dangerous medicines etc. are now without recourse or rights to do anything about our injuries and damage...because no legal person will take your case on unless you die. And maybe not even then!

    That is what big money and capping law suits has done. But the average American doesn't have a clue as to why Bush's suit capping actions were so important and damaging to the middle class and poorer people in this country like me who happen to get injured through no fault of their own.

    Sorry for the political rant here...but this has been a part of my suffering...knowing that there is nothing I can do if indeed it was this drug Levaquin that started all this.

    Also, what I have found here is a complete breakdown in doctors of different specialities getting tests results and not taking the time and effort to adequately share this information with the other doctors who may be treating me and comparing notes.

    Many examples of this but one perfect one is my PC telling me ( after a 5 to 6 day hospital stay ) that my left leg going weak on me upon release versus going in the hospital 6 days earlier, to the point of not being able to walk on it ( along with left buttock pain and left thigh twinges were all the result of my being in bed for 5 to 6 days and just getting up and walking would take care of that. He was irritated when I questioned his diagnosis as I told him in my 6 previous months of laying in bed I never experienced this.

    This PC...was not even informed of a recent X-ray that showed I had a fractured vertebrae L-1 posterior. When told of this fracture by my Rhuematologist I asked this Rheumatologiost if this would explain my left buttock and left leg weakness and pain and he said " of course it explains it" " The nerves in that area go right down through your buttock into that leg."

    When I brought this up weeks later to my PC he quickly changed the subject and would not answer my question as to why he was so sure it was bed positioning versus any other reason when I told him I was having these specific symptoms. MY PC was completely wrong in this case..and there have been several other incidences like this. Many from doctors failing to find out about other tests. But to throw out a cock-sure diagnosis like that and be so proven wrong and leaving me in weeks of doubt and pain and leg weakness about my own instincts is just one huge failing I have discovered in this never before experienced medical crisis I am going through.

    And this same doctor is the one who is controlling my future medical care now ! He is the one who has been downplaying all my complainst and symproms for months! Who refuse to order or redo any more tests. And my insurance company calls him and goes by what he says.

    And being from this small area ( very tight knit medical community ) you can see why I am desperately throwing my story out into the larger Bay Area...praying that someone can connect me to a physician and medical facility that will be more diligent and believeing of my feelings that something is truly wrong with me phsyically and in a way that I need more study and specific treatment.

    Thanks for reading the long ramble. I truly appreciate your response. Joe B.
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    Hi Joe,
    That was quite the letter. Not only is the cap on lawsuits bad but Bush also got passed a bill that exemps Big Pharma Co's from lawsuits with new up and coming drugs for treating bio warfare.

    I hope you can find the medical care you so badly need! Somethimes it can be very difficult to find that help. I know there's good caring docs out there. I hope you find the one you need.


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