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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angiecw71, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. angiecw71

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    Hi all, I filed for SSD in August and got a letter today telling me to call SSD Determination board, before they can do anything further on my claim. Well my doctor (PCP) doctor had put that I have experienced some depression a couple months back. So now because of that I they are sending me to a Psychiatrist to be evaluated. I not even being treated for it right now..Why???

    Has anyone else ever had to do this? Even though they I am not being treated for depression at the present time. I don't have to go and see a medical doctor though just a psychiatrist.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Seems like this kind of holds up my claim. They are sending me a letter also for a friend/family member to fill out also.. What is that all about???? Just curious..

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    Hi Angie;

    I think it is pretty normal- if your doctor stated it and did not make it real clear they just want to have their own check it out.. Make it be your worse day - the test will probably be fast..

    I am still waiting, I applied end of June- I,too had to go in front of a psyh. also a reg. MD and some other tests... Have someone drive you if you can- I had no one- my DH came along but he medically can't drive.. I got lost and I lived and worked in that city before and I was late(20 min)- I think they were all waiting for me cause I was last appt. - anyways they were packing up by the time I got done...
    Best to you
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    I suggest you find a copy of the Novel "War and Peace"
    as what they are asking you to do is part of the stand-
    ard protocol hoping you will "giveup" eventually out of
    fustration. Just tellin' it like it is! Don't get dis-
    couraged cause it sounds as if you are just getting
    started and you may be looking at a long stretch.

    They had me do the Psycho. test also and I had absolutely
    no previous emotional problems! They determined that I
    was "predominately right handed" (??) It's all part of
    the "GAME". Just go along and do everything they request
    so as you don't give them an excuse for a denial.

    See: www.disabilitysecrets.com

    Best wishes, you are not Allow out there!
  5. angiecw71

    angiecw71 New Member

    Thanks for the info you guys. I will definitelty get someone to drive for me. Some of the meds I am on make me very sleepy so I can't drive most of the time. But the bad thing is it makes me very forgetfull too...

    I will check out the disabilitysecrets.com also. Do either of you have SSD. Or in the process???

    I definitely will not give up!!!!

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  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes I've had it for about a year now. I followed all
    the "mandates" but it took a long time thru the Bureucra-
    tic precedure! Think alot of it is just on a computer
    chip on the SS computer! The form letters almost fit
    any situation at a pre-determined point in time!

    Hang in there my friend. Lots of peeps on Board to gladly
    give moral and other support so don't be shy!

    Have a good weekend,
  7. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Hi Hon, I do not have it yet- I am in the first stages and should be hearing from them soon- Anyways, I should have applied last year when my STD ran out- but was too proud and did not want to admit I was sick.... Don't worry about the test- it is a normal thing.

    Best of Luck Janet
  8. fieldmouse

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    I am 38 yrs old and I filed just the other day. Going to do an initial phone interview in 2 weeks. My question is.....How many people around my age have actually been approved? I hear it is much easier to get approved if you are in your 50's or 60's. How true is this and do I even have a chance?
  9. fieldmouse

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    My last post was for both of us BTW. I see that you are very young. I hope that people our age don't have to fight harder. Just because we are younger don't mean we should have to fight harder. I hope this don't offend anyone. That is NOT my intention. I am just wondering what we will have to go thru to get this done. I think the SSDI board thinks we will give up easier and we probably get denied more because of our age. Again, I am sorry if this sounds offensive to anyone....That is not my intention. Thanks for all your help...This is the best place ever for all of us with Fm/CFS.....Thanks Mick!!
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    I am 39 now, applied when I was 37 and my lawyer said this was the greatest hurdle, my age...

    I had my hearing on Monday, I am so glad that is over...Now I wait some more...

    Age does play a major role...My sister is suffering with much of the same symptoms as I and she is 20 years older than I...She still had 2 denials and then went to a hearing where she didn't even have to appear, the alj ruled in her favor and she went home...

    I wish you both a shorter struggle than what I had to endure, two years was a long time for me but I hired a lawyer immediately, my docs said I couldn't handle the added stress and made me promise I would get an attorney and they would do 'their part'...My lawyer also had me go for a psych eval, making sure I met with the SS criteria...It's so difficult to win on our illnesses, I wish I knew why, but that's the way it is...

    Good luck and keep posting if you need support, I know how much help I got just when I needed it, everyone on here is great!!!

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    Thanks for the compliment ha, ha, (Very young) I guess we are considering we are trying for SSD. They was I see it our age shouldnt' have anything to do with it. Sickness doesn't have an age limit for sure. I do pray that you and I don't have a hard time because of our age.

    I don't think what you said should offend anyone.I filed August the 3rd and mine was a phone interview also. I think it is much easier that way. Who has got the energy to be running around. I have to run to the doctors enough not even feeling like it. So I am glad I had the oppurtunity to do it on the phone. Let me know how it goes with you..Thanks for the reply.

  12. angiecw71

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    I am sorry to hear that it is taking you so long. The hearing you went to on Monday will that determine wether or not you get it. 2yrs. is a while to be waiting. I wish you luck and I do pray it doesn't take me that lone. Ugh.

    Oh well I am not a quiter so let us all just keep on fighting after all we payed enough in and it shouldn't matter what our age is. Like I told Mick sickness doesn't have an age limit.

    THanks Angie
  13. Scapper

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    Angie: I've been on SSD for years now. I had to see a psychiatrist before being approved too, although I had a psychiatric history along with CFIDS. I put every ailment I had on my paperwork. Try not to downplay any of your struggle at your appointment.

    I'm guessing that since they seem to STILL think there is a large psychiatric piece to this illness, they give this area the most weight (again, just a guess, since I don't know what they truly focused on in my case, just that I was approved and I did have to see their psychiatrist).

    Fieldmouse: I applied for SSD at age 32 and was approved one year later. I also know people who have also been approved young.

  14. angiecw71

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    Thanks so very much, that was very encouraging. I really appreciate you telling me that. It gives me hope. I do have some depression and anxiety though I do not mentiont my PCP much. I was molested growing up by my stepfather. I think about it everyday. I think this is the reason for the depression and anxiety. I will definitely make it know when I go to see the psychiatrist/therapist not sure which it is yet.

    Also what does CFIDS stand for??

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  15. angiecw71

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  16. Scapper

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    CFIDS stands for Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Some say CFS.

    Good luck w/ your appt. Another thing that helps me is to keep notes because I tend to get very nervous and forget to say half of what I want to.

    These people want to see how you are affected by this illness (and every area of struggle that keeps you from being able to function) and we need to give them a clear picture of that.

    If you haven't seen Lamotta's post on the board here, he describes his SSD process in detail. It may help you to read that too. You can search for it under his name, I'm not sure of the title.

    Best to be as prepared as possible :)


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