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    Has anyone's husband or wife ever gotten a letter from SSD wanting them to fill out a long form about your life and daily activities. The first time I filed my husband didn't get this. They sent him one yesterday. I am hoping they didn't send my mother one. She and my husband are the contact names I put on the form that asked for the names of two people who could confirm that I am disabled. I know my mom loves me and does know I am sick, but if she is critical of my daily lifestyle then I don't know how she will come across in a letter/form to SSD. They will pounce upon any criticism even if she thinks it is constructive. Should I talk to her about it and ask if she got the form?

    Things are really different this time in my filing. They have been more attentive to me and sent me many more forms to fill out and called me numerous times to make sure I fill out the forms and do phone interview. I don't know if this is a good sign or if they have just gotten better trained employees.

    I was sherrie but my name is changed now.

    Thank you for reading this.
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    The only thing consistent with SS is there is not consistancy! I think they do it to keep ppl confused...lol

    No one I put on my list was contacted by SS. Matter of fact my attorney told me they usually don't even consider family members opinions. MOST families would naturally back the applicant. (mine isn't one of them..my mother would have killed it for me too)

    Just fill out the forms and send them back. Say as little as possible in answering the questions. Short and to the point. That's all you need.

    It's a game ya gotta play...and the game can be won too. I got mine last October..it took 2 years. Its gunna take a lot of patience..hang in there

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    I don't think I was very clear. My husband already DID get a whole packet of papers to fill out about me. The questions ask what I can do, how I have changed etc. I am just shocked they would send this to him since they didn't the first time I filed three years ago. That time when I filed I sent them letters from him and others and the judge at my hearing ridiculed me for doing this. I have completely started my disability claim all over again and it is just completely different this time.

    I take it from all of your answers that it is very unusual for them to send this to my husband. I hope it is a good sign. I don't really see them taking his word for it though since he is my husband. I sure hope they don't send mom one. LOL!

    Thank you all for your help. It does sound from you like this is not normal. I am hoping they will consider what my husband says this time. That kind of makes me feel better. Hope I am not being too optimistic.
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    has had to fill them out three times now!

    I've had to apply, be rejected, wait, re-apply so many times now I've lost count! When I feel up to fighting with them and filling out all of the paperwork again I'm going to re-apply...

    I lost my patience with it all when I had to see their psychiatrist and he told me I wasn't disabled because 1.) I was able to attend school and get good grades 2.) Could do simple math problems and 3.) Dressed myself and could describe my clothing!!!!!!!!!

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